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From publisher blurb:

Your fingers dance across the keyboard of your cyberdeck as you load an interface program. You check the wires running from the side of your head to the unit, making sure the connection is secure. Your finger hesitates above the command key, delaying the final tap that jacks you in. You've heard the rumors about Babel Central and its guardian angels. Do you have what it takes to run the GodNet?

Cyberspace. The Matrix. The Grid. Whatever you call it, the vast expanse of blackness is a dimension of data streams, glowing cathedrals and computer programs. This is the GodNet, a telecommunications network that stretches across the Cyberpapacy. It is the main weapon of the new Holy Inquisition, but it is also High Lord Jean Malraux's greatest weakness. For in the GodNet, anything is possible. All you need is a state-of-theart cyberdeck, all the programs you can jam into memory, and a whole lot of faith.

The GodNet includes new rules, locations, equipment, and more for running adventures in the Cyberpapacy's virtual reality.

This supplement is designed as a companion to Torg: Roleplaying the Possibility Wars and The Cyberpapacy Sourcebook. It introduces players and gamemasters to the dimension of virtual reality in the cyber-theocracy, where computer programs, data runs, VX constructs and miracles are the bills of fare. In addition, The GodNet can be used with any other cyber-netrunning game, creating a new portion of cyberspace to explore!