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From publisher blurb:

Book 5, and the conclusion of the Bone-Hilt Sword campaign. The brave adventurers are thrown into a high tower, and must escape through use of weapon and wit. Your players must battle the forces of the undying Mage-King Xerksis, and enlist his enemies as allies as the small force of arms and magic forces it way through the may levels of the Tower of Xerksis.

Play as the fifth book in a five-part campaign, or as a stand-alone adventure in the GM's own setting.

OPTIMIZED FOR YOUR PORTABLE DEVICE. This ebook is compatible with devices that can read *.mobi file formats.

This all new adventure includes;

  • Complete waterborne and overland encounter keys
  • 78 defined chambers
  • 7 new creatures
  • 4 new magic items
  • 11 Open Gaming Content (OGC) items
  • 7 detailed adventure maps
  • 19 pre-generated PC templates (including 8 new PC classes unique to the Usherwood Adventures setting)
  • Designed for OSRIC and first edition fantasy-based role-playing game systems.

Suggested No. PC's: 4-7
Suggested levels: 5-7

In the Halls of the Mage-King is an Usherwood Adventure for character levels 5-7, designed for OSRIC and First Edition fantasy-based roleplaying game systems. Includes PDF forms notation fields on every page, as well as a comprehensive Game Masters' Adventure Log for organizing your players, and detailed player character record sheet template.