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Beasts in Human Skin

The wolves cannot be everywhere at once, in the deep jungles and wide savannas, in the stormy skies and the darkest seas, other werebeasts hunt. Serpents with the cunning of humans glide in the darkness, jaguar warriors offer bloody sacrifices to their goals, and cuning spiders weave their spells to catch prey. The other Changing Breeds ahve been pushed to the brink - but now they're pushing back. They will take their rightful place under Sun and Moon, or die in the trying.
Tiger and Dragon, Raven and Rat

The other werebeasts of the World of Darkness are brought fully to light, allowing players and storytellers to integrate shapeshifters into a chronicle. Each of the eleven different Changeling Breeds is covered in detail, along with the mysterious alliances among their kind. Storytellers searching for the perfect new antagonist for a game or players interested in stepping into the skin of a different werebeast are both welcome here; now there are more options for Werewolf than ever.
Players Guide to the Changing Breeds contains:

Details on the eleven Changing Breeds other than Garou, from the Ajaba hyenas to the Rokea sharks
Character creation information, inclusing Gifts, rites and fetishes, allowing characters of any breed
Details on the Beast Courts of Asia, the Ahadi of Africa, and more