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From publisher blurb:

The secret of survival ain't who you are, berk - it's what you know!

-Planewalker adage

Feeling overwhelmed by the infinite possibilities of the multiverse? Wondering how to roleplay a tiefling, what spells to memorize, and how to manipulate portals? Here's the dark of it: The Planewalker's Handbook is the essential manual for survival on the planes - a Players Handbook for the PLANESCAPE setting! This 160-page book, written for players and Dungeon Masters alike, builds on material from the PLANESCAPE Campaign Setting boxed set, presenting new information crucial to anyone playing or running a PLANESCAPE campaign.

This definitive full-color guide features new illustrations by DiTerlizzi and contains the following:

  • All the information needed to create and customize characters, including new races, archetypes, proficiencies, equipment, and a Planewalking kit designed for each character group;
  • a taste of the multiverse: a look at each of the planes, with commentary and helpful hints by noted planewalker Tarsheva Longreach;
  • a guide to planar travel, from portals to conduits to the Great Paths;
  • tips on surviving and profiting in PLANESCAPE, from dealing with specific races to the rundown on the factions of Sigil;

an overview on how magic really works (or doesn't!) on the planes;

  • new spells and magical items useful in exploring (and surviving) the planes; and
  • a special section on the power of belief, and how it can change the multiverse - including a new rules system that allows player characters to actively affect the planes around them!