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The Jump Ships Are Online

Five years ago, Earth's extrasolar colonies were stranded in the depths of the void. The disappearance of the teleporting Upeo wa Macho left our children orphaned in deep space. Now, after years of experimentation, work and alien collaboration, the new jump ships are complete and have returned to our lost outposts. Learn the fate of the extrasolar colonies!

Return to the Edge of Oblivion

Trinity Field Report: Extrasolar Colonies is the first in a series of debriefings from the Æon Trinity for its psion agents. This report reveals the first contact with the abandoned interstellar outposts, from the mysterious Qin homeworld to the shocking events at Karoo to the Aberrant-ridden Khantze Lu Ge! Earth's space legacy lives again - and you're a part of it.

Hidden Lore

Release: Originally released in July 1998. TFR: Extrasolar Colonies is the first mini-sourcebook for the Trinity line, giving a brief overview of one aspect of the setting which may not have been appropriate for inclusion in a larger book. Unlike other Trinity Field Reports, much of the material in Extrasolar Colonies will be expanded upon in future books, such as Stellar Frontier, but this remains an excellent overview, particularly for the price.

Following on earlier books' presentation of in-character sections in color and out-of character sections in black-and-white, Extrasolar Colonies (and all other TFRs) are presented entirely in color, presenting the books as actual briefings to Æon agents. This allows Storytellers to provide the books in full to players as an in-game artifact to which their character might have access.

Cover: The cover is another piece of CG art created by Robert "Shaggy" Dixon, depicting a battle with Chromatic short-range fighters.