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Justice is Blind

It's the 22nd century. Earth has returned from the brink of destruction and people with awesome powers have emerged. Yet anarchy does not reign. Civilized governments and psi orders across known space struggle to maintain the peace. Some want psions outlawed, others want psions to become the law.

Who is Above the Law?

The third Trinity Field Report, Psi Laws is a full-color setting dossier from Æon for all orders and agents. It advises psions about the extremes to which they can take their powers on Earth and the frontier — and warns of the punishment for going too far. There will be a reckoning.

Hidden Lore

Release: Originally published January 1999, this is the third minibook in the Trinity Field Report series. Curiously, the editor is listed as "Count Rocksha von Sputnik IV jr.," an obvious pseudonym never seen before or since. Changeling: The Dreaming's Land of Eight Million Dreams, however, does list "Count Rocksha von Sputnik II" as editor.

Cover: The cover displays a large Æon Trinity "psi" symbol, overlaying a smaller modified symbol representing the Noetic Legal Guild. Behind this is a scene from the book's interior, depicting an attorney interviewing a teary witness in court. Curiously, the rearmost layer, barely visible, is from the Trinity core: a painting of Divis Mal immolating the Secretary-General of the UN.