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Publisher blurb:

The Future is at Your Fingertips...

It's the 22nd century, and science puts the universe in the palm of your hand. Spaceships take us to distant stars. Computer agents roam the electronic OpNet. Bioapps commune with psions' minds to become living weapons. Technology has taken us to unimaginable heights. What more can we possibly accomplish? The Æon Trinity knows.

Now Open Your Mind

The Trinity Technology Manual is every psion's source on the science and innovation for the 22nd century. New spacecraft, weapons, bioapps, battle suits, computers, drugs, gadgets - it's all here. Sure, psi powers are okay, but there's nothing like the cool comfort of a blaster in your hand.

The Trinity Technology Manual Features:

All kinds of new devices to give you the edge over the Aberrants
Full-color setting information and dynamic design schematics so you can see what you get
New rules, systems and game tips for 22nd-century technology

Release: Released June 1998. The credits page excitedly proclaims that White Wolf now has its own official street hockey team. The team's logo, designed by developer Andrew Bates, is included within.

Cover: This cover by Rob "Shaggy" Dixon is the first cover created using CG. These graphics have appeared -- and will continue to appear -- in multiple books, typically intended as photographs rather than the illustrations of Akira Van Woc, Kostbaar, or the like. It depicts a traditional hardtech VARG (mech) being attacked by a biotech VARG.

Art: A substantial portion of the art is likewise in the CG style, illustrating various weapons, VARGs, biocomps and the like.