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From publisher blurb:

The monumental success of the documents called 'Most Wanted' has caused CHESS to bring forth more information on the dangerous super-villains that prowl this planet. These thirty super-villains have been drawn from the archives of all nations. Some have not been seen for years, while others are at this moment disrupting the peace somewhere on our globe.

Again we turn to the public for assistance and help. It is your duty as a law abiding citizen to become aware of those who threaten your freedom, your security, and most of all, your life. These thirty men and women are more of the infamous beings known as the 'Most Wanted.'

As stated in our previous documents, we warn the general public not to become involved in trying to stop these awful predators of justice. However, if you do see one of these people walking down the street, or performing some dastardly deed, please contact the local police force or the nearest vigilante team. Again, let uswarn you to be very cautious with these men and women - unless you possess super powers, do not try to intercede in their operations. If you are lucky, you will never see one of these 'foes of justice.' In the event your path does cross theirs, we extend our hopes and wishes that you do the safe thing and call for vigilante aid. Thank you.