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From publisher blurb:

Welcome to what is easily the most controversial of the twenty-some odd Villains and Vigilantes adventures currently in print. For the Greater Good will no doubt anger and upset many people who read it. That is precisely why I approved it for V&V; and that is why I suspect Fantasy Games Unlimited is publishing it. Hopefully, it will provoke thought and discussion as well.

Currently there are many people who believe that censorship is a viable option for suppressing 'undesirable' material in public schools, libraries and bookstores. The Attorney General of the United States along with various religious groups are attempting to dictate which magazines you are allowed to buy at your local newsstand. (Anybody out there read Playboy? Penthouse?, Rolling Stone?, Spin?) These days, even your favorite role-playing games are deceptively portrayed as psychologically damaging 'Satanic' influences by everyone from the 700 Club to the folks at 60 Minutes and are irresponsibly blamed for everything from inattentive school behavior to murder. One cannot help but think that had such things occurred a mere ten years ago they would have been met with angry resistance. Today, our constitutional rights hardly rate the front page. The subject just doesn't have the ratings potential of whatever what country it is we're dropping bombs on this week.

I find the casual, unopposed violation of our civil rights frightening. Certainly more frightening than any mad doctor cartoon character threatening to blow up the world from his island fortress. Unfortunately, there are no superheroes in the real world who will solve our problems for us. With that said, we now return to our regularly scheduled Villains and Vigilantes adventure, where hopefully the forces of evil will face direct opposition and be served a well-deserved defeat.