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Publisher's Blurb:

This book may be small but the game is not. Within these pages you’ll find all you need to create, play, and develop an operative:

20 origins, each with several options, to help define what your character did before becoming an operative.
10 skills representing archetypical modern character abilities: academic, detective, leader, martial artist, medic, pilot, scout, soldier, technician, and thief.
Robust system for equipping your operative for a mission, complete with weapons, defenses, gadgets, vehicles, simplified equipment packs, and more.
32 martial arts maneuvers to fully define the fighting style of your operative.
System to create and maintain a base of operations for your team.
“Bones” (luck or hero points) integrated into this incarnation of the d00Lite system to add cinematic flair to your action scenes, certainly a must for proper representation of high action espionage adventure.
Rules for vehicles in combat and chase sequences.
A broad brush-stroke setting: SECTOR, a counter-intelligence and paramilitary organization devoted to fighting tyranny and other foes across the globe.
Systems to help the GM prepare for a session or an entire campaign: random master villain generator, enemy organization generator, henchmen generator, minions, security systems, and even entire random mission generation to get your creativity flowing.