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From publisher website:

On more than one occasion, I have received email from the '' domain asking me why the Expected Values in the Dice Chart for Jumpers are not accurate. From the beginning, I thought I had a good answer to this question, but I've finally decided my answer doesn't make sense anymore. So, I've updated the Dice Chart to reflect the true Expected Values of the LVL dice. I had a good reason for doing it this way, but the way in which the Dice Chart was used during a session has always been different than I had initially expected.

During development of the mechanic, my thought was the LVLs in the Dice Chart would be something players would want to have memorized rather than requiring the character sheet as a reference. So, I simplified some of the numbers so they would be more easily memorized. However, through years of gameplay, I can see this simply isn't the way players interact with this chart. Every roll is paired with a reference to the chart, and only those players who have actively made an effort to memorize the chart show any level of retention of the values. What I had not considered is that, while the expected values may be easy to remember, and the dice used for each LVL may be easy to remember, there is no real connection between the dice and the Expected Values. So, the manipulation I did to make the numbers easier to remember (and, in turn, made some checks more difficult to succeed) was for naught.

So, these are the changes made to the LVL chart. These will be reflected in both the charts in the rules, as well as the charts on the character sheet. Additionally, these will be the charts used for all future games of Jumpers run by myself in an unofficial capacity, as well as games run officially at conventions.

  • LVL 1 through LVL 4 will remain the same.
  • LVL 5 Expected Value is changed from 15 to 14
  • LVL 6 Expected Value is changed from 20 to 18
  • LVL 7 Expected Value is changed from 25 to 22
  • LVL 8 Expected Value is changed from 30 to 26
  • LVL 9 Expected Value is changed from 40 to 39
  • LVL 10 Expected Value is changed from 55 to 52

The EV for LVLs above 10 will change as well, but I'm not gonna list them all out. As you can see, checks will get a bit easier, but I think it is a valid argument about keeping these values inline with what is actually expected. Hopefully, this will make the game a bit more player-friendly, as well as engineer-friendly.

Of course, all of this will change with the updated combat rules, and even more so with the new rules edition. But that is for another post.