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POD Hardcover by Lulu
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Hard Cover
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104 pages
8.25 x 10.75 inches
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From publisher blurb:

This supplement for the Blood & Treasure RPG collects in one place articles that players will find useful from NOD Magazine, including more than a dozen new character classes, new character races, new spells, new equipment and several optional rules to help customize your game experience. You’ll also learn the history of the NOD campaign setting and get a glimpse at just how large that setting is!

In more detail, the following is included in the game:
An overview of the NOD campaign setting
The History of NOD and its races
Racial Class Variants - Half-Orc Thug (Barbarian), Elven Gallant (Paladin), Dwarf Prospector (Thief), Gnome Prankster (Thief), Halfling Gypsy (Thief),
New Races - The Macabre, Notac-Ichat and Utu (the fellows on the cover)
New Classes - Anarchist, Beastmaster, Charlatan, Chevalier, Curmudgeon, Demoniac, Demonologist, Diablo, Elementalist, Gourmand, Jack-of-all-Trades, Leech, Psychic, Puritan, Scientist, Shadowdancer, She-Devil, Slave Girl, Soulknife, Tomb Raider, Valkyrie, Vampyre, Venturer, Vigilante, Wushen
New Weapons and Weapon Variations
New Armor
Partial Armor
Used Armor
New Henchmen and Hirelings
Clothes Make the Adventurer
New Spells - for the Charlatan and Elementalist, but most are available to other classes as well
Optional Rules
Proficiency System for Weapons, Tasks and Spells
Psionic Powers for All (including psychic duels)
New Heroic Tasks (Appraise Value, Attend Court, Communicate, Disguise, Drive Wagon, Gather Rumors, Identify Specimen, Note Unusual Stonework, Seafaring, Spelunking, Tumble)
Zero-Level Characters