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From publisher blurb:

Beware the Mad Baron's Legacy!

Welcome to Rogthandor, a massive and crumbling fortress history has dubbed the Citadel of Pain. Years ago, Baronet Dumond imprisoned his citizens in the citadel, using them as test subjects for his twisted experiments. Dumond's ambition was to construct the ultimate torture device in the belief that by consuming the agony of others he could turn himself into a god.

In pursuit of this goal, he allowed his lands to become overrun by monsters and creatures out of nightmare, who soon became the citadel's new residents. During the Baronet's final days, an alchemical liquid poured from the tower of Rogthandor, sealing the keep and its residents inside a magic-resistant shell of stone.

Now, decades later, a powerful digging machine will carry a group of brave adventurers beyond the ivy-enshrouded walls and into the heart of Rothandor. Can your PCs survive the horrors trapped within the bastion and solve the mystery of the Citadel of Pain?

This Gaming Paper Adventure Includes:

  • Uses the entire 6'x11' map contained in Gaming Paper Adventures: Mega-Dungeon 1.
  • 12 additional map sheets unique to this adventure that expand Gaming Paper Adventures: Mega-Dungeon 1.
  • 9 pages of illustrated handouts to immerse players in the Citadel of Pain.
  • A Faction Tracker sheet to help GMs and players keep track of the shifting alliances among the groups they encounter.

Citadel of Pain is a massive adventure for 7th-level characters. Written by Louis Agresta and Rone Barton, with stunning artwork by Joel Biske and Aaron Anderson, this adventure is compatible with the Pathfinder RPG and Gaming Paper Adventures: Mega-Dungeon 1.