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Second Edition Lulu perfect-bound version
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Soft Cover
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211 pages
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From publisher blurb:

Shadows of the Quantinex is a major campaign set within the RPG of Yellow Dawn. Jean-Luc Korda, Chief of Security for a major corporate family - the Carthews – has a job that requires external resource. The job is described in brush-strokes as: counter-extortion, involving physical intimidation and possibly some research, and takes place in New Tokyo. This job leads to a dead body in a hotel room and an orgy of evidence.

Korda has the characters follow the evidence trails to peel back layers of a complex mystery. What the characters discover is the hideous truth behind what actually caused Yellow Dawn and evidence of a monstrous plan to deliver yet another hammer blow against humanity. A nerve-wracking race against time ensues as the characters criss-cross the globe, and journey far beyond, in an attempt to stop a plot that threatens not just the Earth but all human life in the Universe.

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