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From publisher blurb:


Recruiting courageous citizens to recover and restore colonies and space stations lost during the Great Blackout. Are you healthy? Do you love and support the Interplanetary Union? Do you believe in the strength of Human will? No applicants turned away! Excellent pay. Great benefits. Exciting missions. Join a Rescue & Exploration team! Apply at your nearest Interplanetary Union office today!

Foreign Elements is a cinematic, fast-paced, & fun science-fiction roleplaying game.

Humanity's ambush push into the stars is halted with a mysterious event known as the Great Blackout. Thousands of colonies, space stations, and space craft go silent in a matter of days and weeks. Now, the Interplanetary Union is scrambling to discover what happened, sending out RX teams to diagnose the rot spread through known space. Infiltrate remote outposts, hack into corporate secrets, and blast your way through enemy hordes as you unlock this mystery and your hero's destiny.
  • Fast-paced, rules light system utilizes six-sided dice.
  • Six archetype characters, ready to play -- or create your own desperate or courageous citizen.
  • Heroes don't die -- nano robotic technology in the distant future regenerates a dead comrade in days.
  • No equipment lists to maintain -- a dice pool mechanic increases as you scavenge ruined tech and decreases as you use it to do cool things.
  • Some battles and tasks have deadlines -- face consequences if you can't hack the mainframe in time!
  • Missions within missions -- earn extra credits working for shadowy sources, and spend them upgrading your hero with self-help services in space!
  • The mystery is left up to you -- you decide what caused the Great Blackout and whether it might happen again.

Originally published by Mystic Ages Publishing.

"The conflict of motivations, sponsoring corporations, and secret objectives mean that a mission can easily end in failure, and yet some characters will still come away smiling – the balance in their secret bank accounts looking substantially healthier. Gaming groups playing Foreign Element could easily run the gamut from gritty sci-fi drama to dystopian black comedy, and I like that freedom – along with the fact that the game doesn’t commit to a specific cause of the Great Blackout."