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From publisher blurb:

Behold, the once-fair land of Anhelm has been torn asunder. Mad wizards, dark and powerful, waged war and almost all was lost. To save themselves from the machinations of those crazed fools, the neighboring kingdoms banished Anhelm to a distant astral realm. Here we fight for our lives. The wizards still plot each other's downfall. Dark times have indeed fallen upon us. We fear this war will continue until only one wizard remains...

Lo, thou ist cruisin for thine bruisin!

Originally released as a softcover by Mystic Ages Publishing, this classic PDF download contains all the rules needed to create power mad wizards; battle insane arcane foes; draw henchmen, magickal constructs, and even demons to your side; and form deadly alliances and cabals. Gameplay is fast and furious, using two 10-sided dice and your descriptive imagination. There are no spells or pre-defined magickal effects -- just your imagination describing boiling balls of water, streaks of flaming arrows, earthen shields of stone, and whirling cyclones of death rushing toward your ill-fated foe.

"In sum, I really liked this game when it first came out, and now I love it. The freer-form magic got me hooked, but what kept me on the line is the subtle humor of the game. I love irony, more so than magic in an rpg. People tend to (if they’ve heard of it) seriously underestimate this game, treating it as an episodic, beer-and-pretzels game. Now it can more readily support long-term play, but people might still dismiss it as just another comedy rpg. It’s a funny game, but it’s even funnier than it might appear at first glance."

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