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RPG Item: The Book of Cairn
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POD softcover
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Soft Cover
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304 pages
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From the publisher:

A long time ago, humans walked the face of the world, but were destroyed for their arrogance and hubris. The Bright Ones lifted up the simple animals of forest and field, giving them the ability to think, build, and stand on their own two feet. In order to keep the newly Favored animals from making the same mistakes the humans did, The Bright Ones gave them the Compact — a book telling them how to live together in harmony.

Those who engage in dark deeds or refuse the ways of Harmony eventually become Dire — sinister, twisted versions of themselves, acting out of greed, vengeance, or selfishness. You must protect the town of Cairn and help it survive the winter. But beware! For you can become Dire, too.

Can you stop the Witch before she curses all the berries of the forest? Will you find the source of corruption withering Farmer Cottonstar’s fields? What of the growing threat of otters and moles working outside the town? Using a system of adventure seeds and story paths, you become the heroes of Cairn. The town survives or thrives based on your actions. And with 20 species and 20 professions, you can play almost any critter you can think of.

The Cairn RPG is a fantasy role-playing game where even the smallest creatures can have the biggest adventures.

System Information

Cairn has 20 races and 20 professions, allowing for 400 unique character combinations. Gameplay is simple, focusing on fixing and supporting the town of Cairn where all of the critters live. Players roll a 1d12 for resolution, drawing upon an old-school approach of only rolling for the important elements of play. Need to sew a button? Done. Need to jump over a crevass? Roll. Time to play? Yes!