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RPG Item: The Book of Dungeon Traps
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From publisher blurb:

Tumbling boulders crushing over powdered bones,

Death pits filled with gibbering slime,

Strangling vines, enchanted lodestones, lightning bolts,

Hateful wraiths

Imprisoned in chests of ancient gold,

Chained by holy symbol and silver seal ...

Every mechanical horror, every thief’s demise,

Every fell contraption

Lies here, deep in this book of secrets.

Would you like to fill your dungeons with traps, but you can never find coherent rules or guidelines to show the way? Are your players weary of arbitrary deathtraps? Have you ever searched in vain for a system which codifies spells into magical traps? Are you bored with the “famous four” — pits, gas, arrows and poisoned needles — but never know what to replace them with?

Castle Oldskull Supplement BDT1, THE BOOK OF DUNGEON TRAPS, is filled with over 800 classic traps and trap variations. Herein you will find rules for boiling mud, Illusionary bridges, amnesia vapor, polymorph traps, unseen servant-triggered machinations, collapsing columns, and much more. Best of all, all traps are collated into hierarchies of Lethality Levels, so that you can always challenge your players without killing their heroes outright.

This elaborate tome also includes rules for trap placement in dungeon designs, advice on trap locations, trap triggers, trap detection, trap removal, 10’ poles as trap detection devices, and even a complete set of random monster tables to aid you in populating monster pits, cages, summoning traps, alarm-trapped dungeon chambers, and much more. Every trap type features detailed rules which have been culled from dozens of books and dungeon modules, turning hidden and obscure rulings into a methodical and internally consistent system for trap design. Everything you will ever need to fill every dungeon you create with any trap you can dream of, it’s all here in a single source.

This book is made to interface with Castle Oldskull Supplement CDDG1, THE CLASSIC DUNGEON DESIGN GUIDE, but the integration is completely optional. You do not need both books to make use of them; they simply amplify one another.