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RPG Item: Atomik Magick
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Classic Reprint PDF Version 3.2
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92 pages
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From publisher blurb:

Magic exists beyond the boundaries of that which can be known by science. Magic makes possible the impossible, the miraculous achievable, and the unknown attainable. Magic, both lofty and subtle, can invoked the forces of nature, conjure spirits and elements, banish demons, unveil hidden mysteries, heal the injured, and restore life to the dead. No feat or marvel is beyond the reach of magic, for magic affects reality at its highest and most sublime level, operating upon the very mechanics of the Universe itself.

Atomik Magick is an independent universal Add-On, designed to seamlessly integrate with any game system. Does your RPG of choice lack adequate rules for magic? Are you looking for a more flexible magic system? Are you developing your own homebrewed game and need a set of fully customizable mechanics for magic? With Atomik Magick you will be able to design any magic system you desire and create countless spells to use in your campaign. From subtle incantations to ritual high magic and over the top super-magic, it can all be portrayed. One set of rules, universal and system independent, with unlimited adventure possibilities. Atomik Magick has everything you need to explore the endless wonders of magic, alchemy, and beyond.