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RPG Item: Breachworld
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First Hardcover Printing (December 2014)
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Hard Cover
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211 pages
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From publisher blurb:

The Earth is an untamed wilderness, unrecognizable from centuries ago when humanity enjoyed a Golden Age of peace and science. A global disaster produced untold numbers of rips in space and time, collapsing society overnight. Known as Breaches, these portals into our world continue to bring monsters, aliens, and otherworldly environments to Earth. The result is an endless wilderness dotted with villages and ruins, where incredible technology exists alongside paranormal power, and the impossible is the norm.

Player Characters are farmers or warriors, adventurers or survivors. Will you seek truth, or fortune? Protect the weak or look out for yourself? Pillage or rebuild? Will you discover your potential as an Epic and bend reality to your will, or help to reclaim a world that once was? All of these possibilities, and more, are before you.

Breachworld is powered by Mini Six, part of the Open D6 family of games. With the whole ruleset included in these pages, and simple mechanics for character creation and gameplay, you can get started in just minutes.

Also included in this complete RPG:
  • An open world to be explored, with its own history, culture, and technology.
  • 13 unique, playable races from across dimensional space.
  • 42 Perks and 27 Complications to customize your character.
  • The Epic, Breachworld's reality-bending psychic and sorcerer, complete with 63 amazing Aether Feats to master.
  • 12 Breach Creatures, ranging from minor to gargantuan.
  • 3 Places of Interest, mapped and described.
  • 212 pages of endless possibilities.