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RPG Item: 5th Edition Adventure A00: The Rising Knight (5E)
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5th Edition Adventure A0 PDF version
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24 pages
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From the Introduction:

This introductory adventure was originally designed for those playing Castles & Crusades. We are now pleased to bring it to you updated and in line with the fifth edition rules set of the world’s most well-known role playing game! The module has been designed to allow for the players and Game Master (or Castle Keeper, as we like to say in C&C parlance) alike to begin using the game rules in a fairly non-demanding game setting. The goal is to familiarize the Castle Keeper and players with the basic rules and their applications while undertaking an exciting adventure.

The module is also designed for modularity and expansion. Many of the encounters, monsters, settings and non-player characters
can be removed from the context of this adventure and placed within those of your own making. We here at Troll Lord Games
encourage all gamers to do so as this is the quickest route to ever more fulfilling game-play. As with the core game rules, this module is a tool to use as you will. Please do so.

For 4-6 characters, levels 1-3.