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RPG Item: The Book of Many Things Volume 1: Order and Chaos
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January 13, 2018 PDF version
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178 pages
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From publisher blurb:

21 Races 12 Classes 59 Archetypes 42 Feats, Convergence, Spells, Class Options, Items, Equipment and more

Come one, come all! Thrill at the fascinating, the bizarre, the deadly. Try your hand at powers unlike any before. Become what you want. Haven’t found it yet? We’ll add it! The Book of Many Things is a repository of options for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Inside is a compilation of requests from around the world, fleshed out and made playable. Speed through your enemies as an accelerist. Worship fey creatures as a dúlra. Practice a forbidden and lost art as a truenamer. You could even become a skiprock champion. A variety of different races, classes, archetypes, feats, and spells await within the Book of Many Things Volume 1.

If ever there’s been something you’ve wanted in Pathfinder, but couldn’t find it anywhere else, you can hope to find it here. If it’s not already included, we’ll add it on a future update. That’s right, the Book of Many Things is a series of inexhaustively updated resources, with new content being added regularly. Just reach out to us with your request, and we’ll work with you to try and include it. You’ll even receive a thank you in the credits.

Recent Update 1/13/2018

General Updates

Organized all chapters into more logical and commonly understood formats (alphabetical by race/class).


Mushroom Leshies – Vine leshy cousins who grow up in swamps and forests.

Sokari – Proud unicorn people from the fey realm.

Vulture-Men – Foils to the elfling race, they seek enlightenment and a return to what they once were.

Other Races – Dhampir, elves, and minotaur each gain new options for play.


Each new class has received a list of favored class options for the races most commonly represented by them.

Invokers – Added the Merciless Sea as an otherworldly patron.

Archetypes and Class Options

Barbarian – Guerilla warriors stalk jungles in search of deadly foes and fight the law for what they believe is right.

Fighter – The man-at-arms trades direct combat power for more tactical striking ability.

Hunter – New animal focuses are available, some of which are based on those gained by shifters.

Monk – Masaruri dream walkers are a sect of monks who draw power from a great and unknowable entity. Monks of the divine bell follow the teachings of percussion and reverberation.

Necromancer – As a pale, you are a cursed individual who uses death as an alternative to living. Sanguine outlaws, however, learn gunplay to supplement their spellcasting.

Shifter – Shifters gain some new aspects to broaden their options as well as the warshaper archetype which gives them spellcasting similar to paladins.

Truenamer – As a hurried scholar, you have little time to put extra work into words of power and choose instead to cast spells haphazardly.

Witch – Coven witches have more focused power learned from their coven.

Wizard – The shira are music and performance-loving wizards who lack a dedicated school of magic.

Character Options

Added new feats for each of the classes found inside, as well as new multiclass feats for each core and new class.

CONVERGENCE: A mix of character progression and magical equipment to be purchased with gold, convergence harkens back to the bloodlines of 3rd edition, granting characters power as they gain levels, for a price.


Added several new weapons, weapon modifications, and magical equipment for characters.