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Publisher Blurb:

The Northern Tier is a small (42 one-mile hex) hexcrawl set in the Rosewood Highlands.

Just south of the mist-shrouded peaks of the Endless Mountains, the Rosewood Highlands is a borderland between the civilized lands to the east and west, and the wild, untamed Northands beyond the peaks.

The Northern Tier is a small, wild wooded region populated by faeries, undead, monsters and hardy Highland Folk. Great treasures can be found buried in mysterious ruins, calling to the adventurous and the foolhardy. Strange creatures, both baleful and benign, roam the hills and valleys of the region.

The Northern Tier is a small Hexcrawl set in the northern part of the Rosewood Highlands, east of Newtown, west of Great Oaks, in the foothills of the Endless Mountains. Ten NPCs, over 70 significant random encounters and 42 fleshed out hex encounters are detailed herein, offering both "fixed" and random encounters as a party travels through the area.

Linked to the region are nine "Highlands Locations" avalable separately from Rosethrone Publishing:

The Chantry of the Deepflame
The Ghost Downs
The Hall of the Gnome King
The Palace of the King Under the Water: Blackfalls Hall
The Rusted Tomb
The Sepulcher of the Burning King
The Shrine of the Fallen Angels
The Summer Court of the Silver Queen
The Tumble and Faller Village