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RPG Item: The Book of Many Things Volume 2: Shattered Worlds
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May 15, 2018 PDF version
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34 pages
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From publisher blurb:

Recent Update 5/15/2018


Dragon souls: Whether you're a human, orc, catfolk, or reptoid, you may have been born with the soul of a dragon, which lets you create magic that takes others years to master.

Nerudes: A rotund, catlike race that prefers to sleep and eat, but will adventure in order to sleep, and eat.

Dalits: This amorphous race gains the option to transform into other races for a short time, much like a certain purple monster...


Astrologer: Gaze at the stars and use their power to help your companions and stop your enemies with this straight-forward spellcaster.

Gamer: Do you enjoy roleplaying complex classes like the druid, kineticist, or vigilante? Then the gamer is definitely for you.

Potentialist: Don't move! From a creative prompt by fellow designer Scott Gladstein, the potentialist gets more done by staying still than any other.

Pythia: Concept by Paul Vincent Hughes: The pythias are to druids as sorcerers are to wizards and oracles are to clerics. They are seers from another time and relative dimension; forced to adapt their gifts to the natural world to survive after being exiled by the people over whom they once ruled.


Jade Dreamer: Pythias who have given themselves fully to druidic magic by letting go of their former lives.

Wolf Heart: A mercenary of sorts, the wolf heart is a ranger with some alchemical knowledge related to mutagens, bombs, and extracts. He also learns a selection of specialized sigils he can create to aid him in combat.


Several referencial feats were added for ease of use.

Summon Fantasy Tactics make the illusions you summon a little more real.

Witcher lets you increase your alchemical item damage.

Multiclass feats for each of the current 6 classes, as well as all existing base classes have been added (core class multiclass feats can be found in Volume 1).


Several referencial spells were added for ease of use.

Added the astrologer spell lists for each constellation.

Baptism of fire lets you burn out the evil in your friends and enemies, while detect stellar alignment tells you what constellation they may be channeling at present.

Each of the Summon Fantasy Spells (I through VII) allow you to summon the illusion of a powerful creature that benefits you and your allies more if your enemies believe it is real. Final Fantasy lets you do this in the event that you die.

Finally, topple gives your sorcerer or wizard the opportunity to knock an enemy over before they can reach you.