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RPG Item: Adventure Hooks
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Softcover Version
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Soft Cover
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77 pages
4.25 x 7.00 inches
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Folks, tell me if this has ever happened to you:

You’re walking along the winding path of life. You’re enjoying the adventure. You’re engaging in swashbuckling conflicts, visiting

exciting locales, chasing exploits for wealth and whimsy, passing from sunlit glen to goblin cave to enchanted dale, when suddenly… it stops. The adventure, I mean. It becomes tedious, bland, a nihilistic exercise in futility. Another level, another gemstone, another undead king to fell. How do you bring the magic back?

Enter Adventure Hooks by Tyler Crumrine. Roll your dice, consult the book, and suddenly:

Your weapons are sentient! Worse yet, they’re in charge!

You're being haunted by your childhood pets!

Your haters make you more powerful! Go cause a scene!

Everyone in the world gets three wishes! Look out!

Where did those clouds come from? Oh no! Acid rain!

Frictionless reality!

Mysterious glitches!

Governmental overreach!

Adventure Hooks will put the pizzazz in your picaresque, the vigor in your voyage, the questionable in your quests. These tabletop-RPG-ready hybrid poems operate like little imaginative boosts for you and your adventuring team. Use them unwisely; the results will hook you.