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Board Game: The Fantasy Trip: Legacy Edition
RPG Item Version
Boxed set
Version Publisher
Alternate Nickname
Year Published
Box Set
Product Code
SJG 3450
284 pages
10.75 x 13.50 inches
8.50 pounds
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ObjectID: 413725
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Description Edit | History

Contents of 1st Edition, 1st Printing 2019 Boxed Set

  • Heavy storage box with a random labyrinth generator inside the lid.
  • Melee, a complete boxed game with 24-page rule- book, a 12” × 22.5” arena map, over 80 die-cut counters, and three acrylic six-sided dice.
  • Wizard, a complete boxed game with 24-page rule- book, 8-page reference book, a 19” × 23” arena map, over 60 die-cut counters, and three acrylic six-sided dice.
  • Death Test, complete boxed adventure pack with the Death Test 24-page adventure book, Death Test 2 48-page adventure book, and over 60 die-cut counters. Both adventures may be played solitaire.
  • In The Labyrinth, 176-page softcover rulebook with advanced character, combat, and magic rules, plus GM rules for labyrinths, monsters, and more.
  • Tollenkar's Lair, a 24-page adventure including an 11” × 17” full-color map.
  • 12-page GM aid and reference booklet, including character sheets and adventure and labyrinth planning forms.
  • Four-panel, landscape-oriented, durable GM screen.
  • Dozens of erasable double-sided die-cut megahex tiles, to create rooms, tunnels, or arenas.
  • 17” × 22” full-color regional map.
  • 17” × 22” full-color village map.

2019 1st Printing exclusives:

  • Character and treasure cards, dry-erasable.
  • One 14-hex dragon counter.
  • Custom player folio.
  • Custom megahex storage box.
  • Double-sided, full-color, six-level 11” × 17” labyrinth map to let you create your own adventures.
  • Three 2.5” × 3.5” Melee 50-sheet character pads.
  • Three 5” × 3.5” Wizard 50-sheet character pads.
  • Two extra acrylic six-sided dice matching those in Melee and Wizard.