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RPG Item: Little Monster Detectives Basic Book
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Little Monster Detectives Basic Book Hardcover
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Year Published
Hard Cover
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96 pages
6.69 x 9.45 inches
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From publisher's blurb: THIS BOOK IS NOT WHAT IT SEEMS. It is not a common book. Here inside there are monsters! Yes yes, you read it right. Monsters exist and they live with us. But do not worry, because they are not entirely bad ... . Have you ever noticed that your socks disappear or strange noises are heard at night? This is not because you're clueless or pipes make noise. It is because the Monsters into the Darkness! But do not worry because there are brave detectives in charge of catching them in order they do not bother anymore. They are the Monster Detectives. Have I understood correctly? Do you want to be a detective? Then this is your book! With Little Monster Detectives You can team up with your friends to catch the monsters that scare at night. Solve puzzles, Meet the monsters of darkness and Show how brave you are. But above all to get ready for lots of great adventures and have fun! Welcome to Monster Detective Agency