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RPG Item: Grimtooth's Dungeon of Doom
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From publisher blurb:

Welcome to the ultimate test! Grimtooth's Dungeon of Doom!

For all Role-Playing Systems
The search for the perfect Traps dungeon is rooted in antiquity, and after years of research, explorations and subtle negotiations, Grimtooth has unearthed a true gem, the lost tomb of Evinrood the water mage.

Filled with traps of every type, this is the ultimate test of any group of adventurers. Face cave charks, electro-squids, the legendary glass cat, the warriors and dozens of fiendishly designed mechanical traps. Grimtooth's Dungeon is fully mapped and can either be used as an entire GM adventure by itself, or each trap can be used separately in you own dungeon! Grimtooth worked closely with Jim "Bear" Peters to create this Traps adventure (Bear is the author of Dungeon of the Bear and Catacombs of hte Bear Cult and also worked on dT&T.

As a Bonus in the back of the book is an appendix that includes stats for all the creatures in the Dungeon of Doom for Tunnels & Trolls, AD&D, and Warhammer - making it even easier for GMs to run this as an adventure.

AND ITS ENHANCED! Grimtooth' artist slave Crompton has done a major enhancement of the art and maps since the 1st edition of this book came out, includes new illustrations, digital toning, updated front and back covers and a few other inprovements.