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Frontier Report

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From the publisher's website:

"Frontier Report is a Traveller Fanzine released under the fair use policy and supports all versions of Traveller with the exception of the present ruleset published by Mongoose Publishing."

The first issue was released in April 2009.

More Information Edit | History

From the introduction to issue 1:

Welcome to this first issue of Frontier Report, this new fanzine actively supports all editions of traveller with the exception of the current ruleset published by Mongoose Publishing. Because this fanzine complies with the fair use policy we’re unable to provide any support for the Mongoose Ruleset, although to be fair we’d like to, but having to do so within the limited terms of the Fair Use policy meant too much restriction for our tastes as we genuinely love the Original Traveller Universe that has seen us through, Classic Traveller, MegaTraveller, Traveller The New Era, Marc Miller’s Traveller T4, Gurps Traveller, Traveller 20, not to mention a whole host of other traveller systems such as Action Traveller and Hero Traveller. Whilst there’s something to respect and love in each of those editions, Frontier Report is concentrating it’s support on D6 versions of Traveller for ease of conversion between the rules. So at present we will accept submissions for any milieu provided that any rules or game mechanics are usable with a couple of six sided dice. This naturally lends more support to the original traveller rules and the later developments of MegaTraveller and Marc Miller’s Traveller T4. Submissions for other rule sets will be held back until we have enough material to release a special edition issue (in addition to our normal publishing schedule) which will concentrate purely on that particular game system, for example a special edition that is packed
from cover to cover with Traveller: The New Era rules and material, Gurps or T20 etc.

From the end of issue 1:

Each Issue of Frontier Report is a Living Document, meaning that each article can be updated by the author, corrections and changes will be made and a new PDF created to be downloaded from the Children of Earth web-site, so it will be worth downloading the old issues from time to time. Frontier report whilst digest like in format, is designed primarily for the screen first, printing second. This is because extensive research has shown that most Traveller gamers have their official paper products which are usually much cherished and well read and a vast stock of PDF products in their computers. Clearly printing them all of would be a costly and time consuming process so we opt to create an online PDF fanzine that looks like a book, reads like a book but is sub divided into chunks that can easily be printed separately as per the gamer’s needs and preferences. All issues will be available for permanent download at the Children of Earth Website.

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