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Jared Blando
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From Bio on website:

Born in the small village of Thomas Rivers, the tiny tot named Jared Blando came screaming into this world, the son of the lordly John Blando, his sire. After a short time, he and his sister Briana (the lion-hearted first born) sailed far across the sea into distant lands called Germania. Calling this foreign place his home for a time, his mother watched vigilantly over her child, the only heir to the Blando family line, anxiously waiting for news of his father who fought valiantly in distant battles with the heathen foe.

Jared, who grew rather quickly for a child, was of the inquisitive type and quickly learned to wander off, much to the discretion of his mother. All waited for four long years for father to come home from the wars, as he was missed dearly. Suddenly to their relief, he finally arrived home safely, indeed, as a hero, having proven himself time and time again in the heat of battle. Seeing it fit to retire, the Blando family sailed the great Atlantic sea yet again, and arrived in the small hamlet of Tuckerton.

In that old place, the boy grew into a young man, and his sword arm soon ached and tired, as weapons training was taught from an early age. After years of strenuous practice, the young man grew from Page into Squire, and when the time was deemed right, he was sent off to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Saying goodbye to his parents, he set off on his great journey.
Yet another four years have passed, with many a great deed done, and many a great friend lost in bitter combat. Through these trying times, the young man who was once called a Squire, has been hardened and strengthened. He has been tempered in the fire of the world like a fine blade. Loved and lost, the young man has earned the right to bear the arms of a true knight. What he decides to do from this point onward is his own choice; his own destiny. Let his shield always protect him, his lance be keen and true, and his heart free from taint.

Now, the true adventure has finally been embarked upon, and this knight's tale has only just begun...

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