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Roland Weiniger
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My Twitters: (Game Development Studio) (Game Industry Association) (Proxy Wars Game)

I started inventing board games as a kid, handicrafting giant boards with hundreds of paper counters. No wonder I became a vivid collector of all forms of games be it board games, tabletop games, cosims, role playing games, trading card games or whatever years later. I am a proud owner of a quite big, but still not complete Avalon Hill collection (and some hundred of other games too).

I organized board game conventions with my gaming club in Nuremberg in late 80s / early 90s and at this time I decided to present an own board game called Jihad!. The first run was 20 pieces with a paper board and cards, as well as painted condensers as playing pieces. It was sold out in a few minutes and it din't take a long time before I had the chance to present my next game to a small game publisher, starting my career as a game designer. I am actually an Essen trade fair veteran and I have exhibited there for more than 10 times. I owned game shops and was a wholesaler for various British and US games and historical miniatures. When my personal business changed, also the focus of my game designs changed to a more serious approach. This lead to a job as a faculty assistant for game design at a private school in Northern Germany and speaking on conferences about Silver Gaming and game related research.

Today I am working on games - both online or classic (board/card) - for pure fun, but also on Serious Games and Game Based Learning. With Proxy Wars I am trying to mix board games with the world of web 2.0 now.

Board/Card games:
Zombie Masters: Horror/Fun board game, SpieleGilde 2010
Landbierparadies: Family card game, SpieleGilde 2010
Proxy Wars: Print&Play, SpieleGilde, 2010
Frank' oder Frei: Historical board game, SpieleGilde, 2004
Superheroes-Tabletop: Superheroes Tabletop Game, W&B Verlag 1999
Mystery: Pirates Tabletop Game, W&B Verlag 1999
Hölle über Berlin: WWII card game, G&S Verlag 1998
Peacemaker (official German Edition): Western Tabletop Game, Guernsey Foundry 1997
Meuterer II: Pirates Tabletop Game, W&B Verlag 1997
Gladius: Ancients tabletop game, W&B Verlag 1997
Elementarmacht: Family card game, W&B Verlag 1996
Flintloque (official German Edition): Fantasy tabletop game, Alternative Armies 1996
Eisernes Ross : Family board game, W&B Verlag 1995
Meuterer: Family board game, W&B Verlag 1992, G&S Verlag 1994
Die Gunst des Zaren: Skull Expansion 1994
Weimar: Political board game, W&B Verlag 1994
Holzhack´n auf Bayerisch : Family card game, W&B Verlag 1993
Skull: Sience Fiction sports board game, W&B Verlag 1993
Burgfried: Medieval tactical board game, G&S Verlag 1992
Jihad! - Fantasy Family board game, W&B Verlag 1991, G&S Verlag 1993

Serious Games
Creativity and Innovation - Game Based Learning, Bavarian Universities, 2011 (Online)
Quality Management - Game Based Learning, Bavarian Universities, 2011 (Online)
Radio Galaxy Racing Challenge 2010 Online Game: Bamberger Rundfunk GmbH & Co., 2010
Entrepreneurial Thinking - Game Based Learning, Bavarian Universities, 2010 (Online)
Minimex – in cooperation with the futorologist Prof. Horst W. Opaschowski, 2008
DIY Champions: World Cup Online Game, Black & Decker 2006 (Online)
Frank' oder Frei: Historical board game, SpieleGilde, 2004

Roland Weiniger, Robotics in Toys and Games, Fraunhofer Institute Manufacturing Engineering Automation, 2010
Prof. Dr. Karl-Werner Jäger, E-Learning im Innovationsprozess, 2010
Prof. Dr. Karl-Werner Jäger, Silver Gaming – a Promising Means against Age-Related Isolation, 2010
Prof. Dr. Karl-Werner Jäger, Roland Weiniger, Spielorientierte Gestaltung altersgerechter Benutzeroberflächen von interaktiven Systemen, 2009
Roland Weiniger (Hrsg.): Manöver – Tabletop- & board games magazine, 1997-1999
Karl-Heinz Koch (Hrsg.): Twilight Games in Spiele per Post, 1989

International Inventors Fair 2010, Special Price of the Middle Frankonian Chamber of Commerce

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