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Phoenix Outlaw Productions
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From website:

We are Phoenix Outlaw.

We are a team of diverse designers and writers coming together around a common goal.

We’re here to kick up dust and make great games.

We’re an independent gaming company out to produce tabletop and live-action games.

We’re committed to finding and celebrating the best talent in our industry.

We resolve to design with courage, to play with sincerity, and to speak and listen with compassion.

We are dedicated to making games with heart and designing with intent.

We believe in designing with diversity and representing the often silenced.

We work to take the issues head-on and create safe space for progress through play.

We’ll work with transparency and seek feedback every step of the way.

We’ll welcome our friends, fans, and colleagues to join us as we discover what’s new and what’s next.

We’re based in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA.

We’ve worked at I-CON, DexCon, Dreamation, Metatopia, GenCon, Midwinter, and U-Conn. (Seriously. Ask us.)

We’re loyal fans, innovative creators, and enthusiastic players of our design community.

And, almost universally, we look good in hats.

Phoenix Outlaw Productions was created around a simple idea: through diversity comes creativity. Our team is made up of a group of writers, producers, designers, and facilitators from all walks of life, uniting to bring creative visions to life. We believe in the lyrics from Rent: "The opposite of war isn't peace, it's creation." And together, we're going to make games, have a good time, and tell stories we've always wanted to see told.

Our focus is on producing live action events and tabletop roleplaying games that look at traditional stories and tropes and turn them on their ear. We want to challenge expected norms in the games we've played for so long and ask: what would I have done differently? We want to see under-represented groups brought to the forefront. We want to engage in serious themes in our games while still bringing engaging, meaningful, and fun gameplay. We want to produce immersive experiences that bring people together to explore new worlds built on the ideals of traditional gameplay and tipped on their ear.

We define being an Outlaw as any designer, writer, player or community member seeking to build on the ideas of the past to create meaningful, engaging, and entertaining game experiences, with an eye towards diverse representation, respectful interaction, and inclusive production.

By that token, we celebrate other creators and members of the community wherever possible. There's enough awesome to go around, and we want to help it come into being wherever we can.

Part of that ethos means we recognize awesome comes in so many different forms, and from so many corners of the world. We look out for opportunities to collaborate with others, especially seeking out new creators and new voices from every group we can in an effort to bring vibrant games and stories into being. We are unapologetically dedicated to speaking up for and/or quietly supporting underrepresented creators and are dedicated to seeing a more inclusive and progressive gaming community. As a great book once said, One raindrop raises the sea. The gaming world is our ocean, and we mean to raise it how we can.

We acknowledge the challenges behind creating innovative, engaging, and progressive games and embrace both the challenge and the learning process. We know we may not always get things right, either in creating or in representation, but we are committed to learning, listening, and evolving our process to be better with every project and passing day.

More than anything, we at Phoenix Outlaw are out to create fun game experiences we can share with our communities, and help foster new communities wherever there is interest in play. We see games not only as art, but as a kind of play vital to expressing ourselves creatively with others.

We're here to have some fun, share some fun, and make some fun for others. And we're here to do it together.

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