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A series of articles from the Knights of the Dinner Table magazine featuring new magic items for HackMaster.

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From the index (issues 1-200) available on the KenzerCo website:

K22 Introductory Article with 18 Items
K34 Magic Items & Artifacts from Garweeze Wurld (by Gary Jackson)
K37 Magical Swords (by Lloyd Brown)
K38 Magical Headgear (by Joe Kushner)
K59 Potion of Hell's Fury, Orbs of Attack (by Whitney Weston)
K60 Helm of the Dragonfly (by Steve Johansson)
K62 Pillager’s Guide: Gauntlets Galore! (by David Reeder)
K63 Yider's Coin of Enchantment, Ring of Near Misses (by Jolly R. Blackburn)
K64 Scepter of Chaos (by Jolly R. Blackburn)
K65 Coin Purse of Returning (by Jolly R. Blackburn)
K66 Shield of Pummeling +2 (by Jolly R. Blackburn)
Potion of Brownie Strength (by Steve Johansson)
K67 Parkal's Amazing Amulet of Armor Repair (by Jolly R. Blackburn)
K68 Gareth's Girdle of Weight Reduction (by Richard Jensen and Noah Kolman)
K69 Scarf of Flesh Weaving & Scarf of Flesh Devouring (by Kevin Vance)
K70 Digger's Spurs of Wondrous Speed & Becknor's Spurious Spurs of Hindrance
(by Barbara Blackburn and Scott Johnson)
K71 Dixtle Daxmoor's Belt of Shunning (by Jolly Blackburn)
K72 Bone Saw of Optimal Yields (by Jolly Blackburn)
K73 Hammer Shot of Self Flinging (by anonymous)
K74 Lokensa's Gem of Accurate Tracking (by anonymous)
K75 Biggley E. Bajum's Quill of Cheating (by anonymous)
K76 Ancient Saddle Blanket of Calming (by Barbara Blackburn)
K77 Grady's Rope of Bridges/Rope of Bruises (by Barbara Blackburn)
K78 Nudor's Cozy Hammock of Peaceful Rest (by Barbara & Amber Blackburn)
K79 The Now-You-See-Me-Now-You-Don't Tent (by Barbara & Amber Blackburn)
K80 Pipes of Small Charms (by Barbara Blackburn)
K81 Sword of the Gladiators (by Barbara Blackburn)
K82 Trap of Hefty Provisions (by Barbara Blackburn)
K83 Cloak of Armor Repair (by Barbara Blackburn)
K84 Dice of Change (by Thomas Birchmire III)
K85 Insta Patch (by Barbara Blackburn)
K86 Mug of Purification (by Christopher Loss)
K87 Girdle of Constriction Lessgor's Eraser
K88 Bandu's Quiver of Trick Arrows (by Ian Guistino)
K89 McDuggel's Far Sight Tube/Lessgor's Eraser (by James Maslanka)
K90 Green Rune Sword (by J. Maslanka)/Nose Ring of Scent ID (by B. Blackburn)
K91 Grappling Hook of Catching (by Jeff Graves)
Bandanna of Distorted Recognition (by Jeff Graves)
K92 Armor of Heat Resistance (by Barbara Blackburn)
K93 Kevamar's Homing Coins (by Brian M. Sammons)
K94 The Sword of the Brotherhood of the Frostbeard Berserkers (by B. Blackburn)
K95 Dwarven Deck of Blessings and Curses (by Benjamin Sharef)
K96 Balgrun's Whetstone (by Anonymous)
K97 Hathram's Helm of Honor (by Jerimy J. Grafenstein)
K98 The Wand of Examination (by Thomas Wilde)
K99 The Burning Earring of Friendly Fire (by Jolly & Barbara Blackburn)
K100 The Lyre of Hound Slaying (by Anonymous)
K101 The Ring of Selflessness (by John Simons)
K102 Sword of Purity/Dagger of Deceit (by Ian Guistino)
K103 Brooch of the Basilisk (by Ian Guistino)
K104 Ring of Glass Shattering/ Ring of Summon Bodyguards (by James Butler)
K105 Thunrick’s Armor (by Brian M. Sammons)
K106 Fralg Stones (by Brian M. Sammons)
K107 Alaglen’s Cube of Seige (by Robert Snyder)
K108 The Cummerbund of Tutelage (by Jerimy J. Grafenstein)
K109 Potion of Insane Toughness/Horrible Wasting (by A’llyn Ettien)
K110 Grimaddle’s Sparkling Baubles of Madness (by Barbara Blackburn)
K111 Boots of Bumbling (by Christopher Loss)
K112 Tome of Phyphor (by David R. Hill)
K113 Scale-Mail Bikini of Distraction/Spell Mirror (by James Butler)
K114 Salve of Restoration (by Ann McIntosh)
K115 Sparkling Helmet of Awesomeness (by Ann McIntosh)
K116 Tar Makvar’s Ring of Deterrence (by Jolly R. Blackburn)
K117 Demonpurge Staff (by Barbara Blackburn)
K118 Faenor’s Ring of the Vampyre (by Scott J Conover)
K119 Sprint Mail Armor (by David Reeder)
K120 Full Plate Armor (by David Reeder)
K121 Anti-Theft Bridle (by Barbara Blackburn)
K122 Earrings of Administration (by Ann Mcintiosh)
K123 La’k’Dell, Drum of Destruction (by Ann McIntosh)
K124 The Shield of Schye Gleyban (by Ann McIntosh)
K125 The Lotion of Comeliness (by Ann McIntosh)
K126 Jetra’s Leg of Comeuppance (by Jolly and Barb Blackburn)
K127 The Sheaths of Han’Norcan (by Brian M. Sammons)
K128 Quick Change Trunk (by Ann McIntosh)
K129 Rainbow Spark Dust (by James Butler)
K130 Bag of Tricks Variant (by David Reeder)
K131 El Spiritu: The Holy Revenger (by David Reeder)
K132 Krigg Stones (by Jolly & Barbara Blackburn)
K133 Talisman of Malfluous (by Barbara Blackburn)
K134 Alagden’s Cube of Siege (by Robert Snyder)
K135 Agrazen’s Vengeful Cutlas (by Barbara Blackburn)
K136 Fire Beans of Grumma (by Barbara Blackburn)
K137 Mysterious Plate Mail of Heroic Acts (by Barbara Blackburn)
K138 The Tome of Teeth (by Brian M. Sammons)
K139 Potion of Sustenance (by Barbara Blackburn)
K141 The Other Great Horned Helm (by Brian M. Sammons)
K142 Saxet’s Saw Chain (by Brian M. Sammons)
K143 The Alchemy Blade (by Brian M. Sammons)
K144 Titan’s Wand (by Derek Kagemann)
K145 Blood Dust (by Barbara Blackburn)
K146 Hat of Opulent Domicile (by Jolly & Barbara Blackburn)
Growth Biscuits (by Barbara Blackburn)
K147 Kaa’s Pipe of Pointing (by Jolly & Barbara Blackburn)
K148 Yagamov’s Amazing Flea Circus (by Derek Kagemann)
K149 Boots of High Steps (by Barbara Blackburn)
K150 Scruffy Kitty (for DWG RPG) (by Barbara Blackburn)
K151 Tome of Shadows/Tome of Light (by Barbara Blackburn)
K152 The Ramming Helm of the Ram (by Brian M. Sammons)
K153 The Sword of Justice (by William A. Wiarda)
K154 The Fantastic Feathered Cloak (by Brian Sammons)
K155 Shawl of the Washer Woman (by Derek Kagemann)
K156 The Parchment Ring (by Barbara Blackburn)
K157 Deadman Pendant (by Barbara Blackburn)
K158 The Pilgrim’s Pillow (by Derek Kagemann)
K159 J’Sin’s Mask (by Brian M. sammons)
K160 Iron Net of the Slaver (by Barbara Blackburn)
K161 Milhouse’s Stone Scouts (by John Garnier)
K162 Arrows of Separation (by Brian M. Sammons)
K163 Potion of Exquisite Deliciousness (by Barbara Blackburn)
K164 The Gauntlet of the Gauntlet (by Brian M. Sammons)
K165 Protector Hood (by Barbara Blackburn)
K166 Sword Hilt Dispenser (by Barbara Blackburn)
K167 Box of Sorrows (by Barbara Blackburn)
K168 Lady Magella’s Necklace (by Barbara Blackburn)
K169 Staff of Speedy Escape / Panic (by Patrick Bird)
K170 The Dythalid Pool (bi Isaac Shaker)
K171 Esarin’s Collar (by Kurt Evans)
K172 Mirror of the Assassin (by William Mindflayer)
K173 None
K174 Celdon’s Spear and Quillizard (b Steve Willett)
K175 Scourge of Pain (by Barbara Blackburn)
K176 Fortress of Retreat (by Isaac Shaker)
K177 Neener Neener’s Magic tooth (by Jolly and Barbara Blackburn)
K178 The Armor of Sorn (by Brian Anson)
K179 Vosted the Drunken Rod of Cleansing
K180 Potion of Perlious Rancor (by Isaac Shaker)
K181 Draman’s Custom Guardians (by William Maldonado)
K182 Potions of Desire (by James Butler)
K183 Scrying Fish (by Barbara Blackburn & the D Team)
K184 Old Dela’s Book of Potions (by Barbara Blackburn & the D Team)
K185 The Holding Bag (by Mike Gilbert)
K186 Salbotha’s Sensational Spinning Shield (by Brian M. Sammons)
K187 Boots of Endurance (by Barbara Blackburn)
K188 The Searching Stone (by Barbara Blackburn)
K189 Lothario’s Siren Necklace (by Tristan Placone)
K190 The Staff of Fire and Darkness (by Isaac Shaker)
K193 Shields of Transport (by Barbara Blackburn)
K195 Arianelle’s Tiara (by Carolyn Stogdill)
K196 Bloodthorns (by Barbara Blackburn)
K197 Boots of Honor (by Barbara Blackburn)
K198 Mundane Magic (by Christopher Stogdill)
K199 Featherpack (by Barbara Blackburn & Carolyn Stogdill)
K200 Ekkra’s Charm Collar (byBarbara Blackburn)

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