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The default setting for Metagaming's The Fantasy Trip. Cidri is a huge planet created by a superhuman race, the Mnoren.

From In the Labyrinth:

"How? We don't know. Where? Good question. It orbits the sun where Earth would be--if there was an Earth in that universe. No one today knows for sure even WHAT Cidri is. Certainly no ordinary planet. Cidri is BIG. No complete map of its surface is known. The standard work, compiled two hundred years ago by the Imperial College of Cartographers at Predimuskity, shows 48 continents (defined as land masses of over 5,000,000 square km.); five of these are in excess of 60,000,000 square km. Almost half the known surface of Cidri is covered with water; most of its seas are dotted with islands. Yet even the great Book of Maps lists nine hundred and eleven locations which cannot be found within the known area--including the mountain city of Paska-Dal, which (by Gate) has carried on commerce with gem merchants everywhere for at least four hundred years."

More Information Edit | History

From: "Charles Gadda" Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2003 18:59:42 -0700
Original Post
Cidri Timeline
This information is derived from ITL and all of the TFT modules save Grail Quest (which is obviously unrelated to Cidri).
Some abbreviations
DT1 Death Test 1
DT2 Death Test 2
FLD Forest Lords of Dihad
ITL In the Labyrinth
LBTM Land Beyond the Mountains
LOU Lords of Underearth
MOA Master of the Amulets
OQ Orb Quest
SS Security Station
TL Tollenkar's Lair
WLD Warrior Lords of Darok
YBP Years before present
Note that the majority of these dates are approximate. Dates derived directly from the text (no matter how vague) are given with an "*" after them. All other dates are estimated.

YBP Event
2800-3300* Jen Mnoren's first jump (ITL)
2500-3000* Mnoren settlement of LBTM by the B'Orja clan (LBTM)
2000 Jas N'orn transports shelter ST119 to Cidri (SS)
2000-2500 Mnoren Abdication (ITL)
1500-2000 Mnoren disappear (ITL)
1200-1800 Founding of Chalasi (LOU)
1000-2000 Dirringar the Black creates the amulets & is destroyed (MOA)
700-1300 Battle of Silver Crossing. Askthor XI slain. (LOU)
600-1200 Orcs launch attack on Chalasi in 21st yr of Askthor XIV (LOU)
500* Mikarth's expedition to LBTM (FLD\WLD)
400-800 Coming of Crythal the Amber & destruction of Chalasi (LOU)
400 City of Paska-Dal begins gem commerce via gate (ITL)
375 Gems found in LBTM; Kirsten Kalandai comes from Elyntia (WLD)
350* Bruthe ascends throne in LBTM (WLD\FLD)
325* LBTM fragments upon Bruthe's death-Y174 of the province (WLD)
300-600 Rise of Rodrom (LOU)
300-350 "High-tech" wars devastate Kel (WLD)
275-300 Darok brings in mercenaries & introduces Akhora Cult (WLD)
250-500 Founding of the Thorsz empire (OQ)
250-275 Purges of Arlen II in Darok (WLD)
248* Landmaster Hall destroyed (TL)
200 End of war that devastated Elyntia (ITL)
200 Imperial College of Cartographers produce map of Cidri (ITL)
65* Head of t'Bur clan executed for treason (WLD)
~40* Muipocan forces make furthest advance into Darok (WLD)
~40* Ziero Mhaddray murdered and his treasure buried (WLD)
40* Reptile men attempt to storm Interris (WLD\FLD)
25 Umbar Cerdan joins the Dihadian Army
23* Savin k'Raag wins Command of Darok (WLD)
16* Arkintrodt becomes Count of Dihad (FLD)
13* Petros wins Command of Darok (WLD)
8* Darimenza tames Kaloth (FLD)
7* Valnezbad appointed as Arkintrodt's Court Magician (FLD)

There are VERY few dates given in any of the published material, along with few descriptions. Thus, there is wide latitude for interpretation. There are some "fixed" (using the term loosely) points, namely the Mnoren settlement of Cidri (strongly implied as being the same time as the settlement of LBTM), the Mikarth expedition to LBTM, the fragmentation of LBTM (in the year 174 of the province), the destruction of Landmaster Hall, and accession of the rulers of Darok and Dihad. Supplementing this are some associated dates, such as the conquest of 371 worlds and settlement of Cidri within 300 years of Jen Mnoren's first journey, etc. All the rest is informed speculation.
With regards to Underearth, I presumed 50 year reigns for the first 10 lords of Chalasi - though dwarves are not long lived like elves, I figured with magical healing, Youth elixirs, and the implied wealth and stability of the Underearth realm through most of its history that a 50 year reign was not out of line; indeed, I may be *underestimating* to a degree. Askthor the XI was slain in the 13th year of his reign, and then there are two more monarchs (XII & XIII) and I assumed 100 years total between them. Askthor XIV endured an attack on Chalasi by orcs in the 21st year of his reign, though it is not stated whether or not he was slain (depends on how well you play the scenario). Though no timeline is given for the attack of Crythal the Amber (which destroyed the realm of Underearth) some length of time is implied; for Underearth had become a wealthy and stable trade centre surrounded by a "sea of disintegrating kingdoms." One would speculate that a minimum of two, and possibly upwards of three or four centuries, had passed. The following scenario involving the fleeing emissaries again implies at least a century or two gap in time, perhaps longer. The very last scenario, which is implied as present, states that at least a few and perhaps several centuries have passed, since there is question as to whether or not the dragon even existed... Note that one could easily extend this timeline, if desired. I have presented a date range for each event, and one may choose a "high" or "low" chronology, as desired, or choose a span of time in between.

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