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From the Introduction to The Pnumadesi Player's Companion:

The world we introduce with this book is that of Pnumadesi. It's a vibrant plane named for its focal continent. Each individual continent of Pnumadesi has its own brand of magic and beliefs.

The two continents described within these pages are Pnumadesi and Pnumadeja.


This section is our primer on what can be expected when you adventure in Pnumadesi. For a more detailed history, please see the Pnumadesi World Companion. Regions are also detailed in this book, in chapter 6.

  1. Pnumadesi used to be one super-continent, but was split by the gods into several continents. Each continent has its own natural tendencies toward specific power sources.
  2. The gods disappeared from Pnumadesi after they split it. Their hope was that, in doing so, they would draw influence away from the elementals and allow the plane to flourish on its own.
  3. The two continents outlined in this book are Pnumadesi and Pnumadeja. Future player companions will focus on the other continents and their power sources.
  4. As the central continent on the plane, Pnumadesi has members of every playable race and class, but with its focus on the martial and primal power sources, some are harder to find than others.
  5. Pnumadeja focuses on the arcane and primal power sources. This influence has shaped most of the continent into a magocracy with several fey and humans working together to keep their continent and the plane safe from the elementals.
  6. The elementals play a chief role as antagonists on Pnumadesi. They have been at the head of world-changing events since the dawn of time. It is because of the elementals that Pnumadesi and Pnumadeja were separated long after the other continents were split from the central land.
  7. One race in particular, the xendauni, is the polar opposite of the elementals. The two have warred with each other almost as long as they've been aware of one another.
  8. The xendauni have stopped the elementals from taking over Pnumadesi several times. At one point in Pnumadsi history, the elementals banished the xendauni forest to a demiplane for almost 500 years. If not for the efforts of a powerful wizard and the Children of Destiny, the race may never have been seen again.
  9. When the xendauni were exiled, most of Eastern Pnumadesi hid itself away behind a great wall to protect against the elementals. Without access to the rest of the continent, the eastern countries have developed an almost alien society with organized religion, sea-faring ships, and several races almost unheard of on the rest of the continent.
  10. Even after being separated many times over, Pnumadesi is still an incredibly large continent. It spans from north to south about 8,250 miles. At its widest point, Pnumadesi is approximately 3,400 miles west to east. This makes it easy to explain why not all of the races are immediately aware of each other, with some separated by over a year of travel on a fast horse.
  11. Without the god's direct influence, Pnumadesi has developed three variations of divine power. One race has shown up from a distant continent to the east, claiming to be god-blooded and taking action to restore religion to Pnumadesi. Elves in Pnumadesi consider themselves followers of nature and use that as a source of divine magic. In the north, dwarves and those around them have see children born with a tie to divinity which gives them strong convictions and a life-changing belief in their ideals called having the faith.
  12. Soldiers in scale armor are common in major cities on Pnumadesi. Powerful sentinels prowl the forests of the continent. Elven primal champions can sometimes be encountered on their religious journeys and missions of devotion. On Pnumadeja, one can frequently find seneschals and defenders who rely on magic both arcane and natural to protect their people.

More Information Edit | History
  • For more information on Pnumadesi, its people, and places, check out Northwinter Press at Facebook or @NW_Press on Twitter.
  • For stories related to the world of Pnumadesi, check out the Zen Chronicles on Amazon. Book 1 (Arawn's Quest) and book 2 (Zen's Heritage) by Edward Larel are available now both physically and as digital downloads.
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