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Subject: Adventures in Ptolus (Holiday Special): Halloween in Ptolus rss

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De Haan
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I love cargo biking!
...and videogaming, boardgaming, RPG'ing and helping users as an admin!
So we played a Halloween adventure based in Ptolus. It’s was written by the GM who found some inspiration in different movies. We played with some pregenerated characters who our PC’s met when they first arrived in Ptolus. The three once tried to steal a potion from our Draw Elf character Ilmar. They tried beating him up but failed, nevertheless they did however succeed in ripping him of later on. And this is a bit later, we are living of the spoils of the robbery and we are:

- Sacquis, a half elf rogue
- Melor, a human mercenary
- Tris, a gnome servant

The party is led by Sacquis and we are currently residing in the ‘Shark Inn’ an tavern and inn at the docks. It holds two rooms. Sacquis is in one, while the Tris and Melor share a room. One morning Sacquis finds an arrow nailed to her wall. It bears red feathers and holds a message. It’s a new job. Apparantly a ship arrived at the docks: ”The Nightshade” and on, in a drawer in the captain’s cabin there is a small puzzle box. We need to retrieve it and bring it to another inn: the sailor’s rest in three days.

We start of by having a breakfast and send out Tris to the docks to spot the ship and report back to us. Tris at the docks quickly finds the ship. The ship does look strange, it looks like it has sailed more under the water then on the water and there are a lot of goods that are loaded of from the ship. One of these things is a big stone statue of a pharaoh that is loaded of with a crane. However the crane snaps, and the statue tumbles down, hits the pavement and breaks. In the statue was a big gem worked in, and this rolls at the feet of the gnome. Seeing a chance to take something, he kicks it out of sight and a bit later collects it and takes off again, hiding the gem.

Arriving at the inn he tells us he has found a new job and won’t be working with us anymore at the moment. We ask him if he knows where the ship is and decide to leave him to it and go investigate the ship ourself. While we are gone Tris goes to the room and starts studying the gem. It’s a big gem and strangely enough inside is a man, well more of a demon. And this man just keeps looking back at you, as soon as you look inside the man looks back.

In the meantime we arrive at the docks and even more goods have been unloaded. There are crates covered with sea weed, more statues and a lot of strange stuff. After the accident that apparently killed a worker the guard is now patrolling the site and from them we learn that all goods from the ship are put into quarantine. We also talk to a sailor, but it appears the man his mouth has been stitched shut so he doesn’t say anything but points to the ship. There the captain waves at us from his cabin and we both get on it. The captain just like the rest of his crew look a bit pale, rather undead but we are not too worried. Plus the captain directly addresses us with our name. And he says he knows about or job. But he is willing to help and just gives us the box. However there is a story with it and he starts telling it, apparently some toymaker made it for a count and there was a bit of a demon and the fact that if you opened it it could grant wishes and stuff but Melor didn’t really pay attention. However it ended with the fact that if you wanted to give it to someone else you also needed to tell the story. This would off course be a problem for Melor, oh and apparently once you had the box you where cursed. This was a couple of times repeated by some undead parrot sitting on the captains shoulder. Melor had enough of it and took off. Sacquis informed if he was not going to take the box but Melor argued that since he was cursed and could not get rid of it the box would follow him anyway. So they went back to the inn and looked at what Tris was doing.

Discovering the gem Sacquis and Melor decided to make some money with it and seeing that it came from the ship they wanted to sell it rather sooner than later. So they went to the shades where they knew the house of a sage. Upon arriving things became a bit difficult because apparently the man was very forgetful and we needed to keep telling him we were selling it to him. But in the end we managed to sell it for 300 gp. He did however give a lollypop to the gnome who he thought was our child and we had to pay him 3gp for that. So we wondered of with 297 gp, a lollypop and the stone since the man forget he bought it from us. We split the money in three: 140 for Sacquis, 140 for Melor and 17 gp and a lollypop for Tris who kept on complaining about this for the rest of the night.

Deciding we needed to resell this thing tomorrow we went to bed. Only to woken by the guards in the morning because a prostitute was murdered in the alley next to our inn and there where bloody foot tracks leading to our inn. But since no one knew anything we weren’t suspects anymore.
Wanting to be heroes we wanted to check this murder out and we went to the bar from where the woman came. It was a calm day and showing some respects and offering a shoulder earned us a free intimate moment. And we learned that the woman was on her way to a client with a bodyguard but the bodyguard disappeared and the woman was murdered. We thank them for the information and head back to the docks only just in time to see a big steam ship arrive. From it come a load of celebrities including Count Michael. The gnome tries to talk to him but fails in doing so. We don’t really do much for the rest of the day but decide not longer to reside in this inn. Well so does Melor and Sacquis. Tris stays, which he regrets in the morning.

Because after he leaves his room there are bloody footprints going past his room to the next room and all the way down to the inn, outside to a dead body. The guards are called and in the empty room they find another prostitute with her whom removed. Tris is questioned but released as there is no lead to him. As we hear the news we head back to the brothel to see if the rest are okay but it’s the same story. A man called for her, she went to the appointment and was killed. Since they had no bodyguard she went alone, apparently a bad move.

Sacquis informs us that we have a meeting with a client and we pack up. We head over to the Sailors rest and find that the client we are working for is actually Count Michael. We try to seal the deal but he suggest something else. We need to get on see with him because he is being watched here. He is willing to pay good money for our trouble. We agree and talk a bit, however Tris gets insulted and wonders off. It has been very foggy the last couple of days in Ptolus and as he is walking over the docks he suddenly slips. As he stands up his hand is covered in blood, looking down into the thick mist there lies a body of yet another prostitute. He comes to report this to us and we will go investigate. Next to that we also try to sell the gem to the count but he is not interested.

Checking things out, it seems the same M.O. although nothing has been removed as far as we can see at first sight. Again a girl that was lured from the safety of the brothel. Having some time to kill Melor decides to take on a job as bodyguard to the girls. While Sacquis goes to her own in and Tris goes back to his room. When there is a call for one of the girls Melor sends a call for help to Sacquis who goes to the inn where the girl has to go: The Shark Inn.

On the way over there the mists get pretty thick again and suddenly from the mists a shape arrises. It seems like a cold killer, with long and sharp fingernails and teeth. The man gestures to me and does me damage. I don’t wait and storm at him with my sword. In the meantime I send the girl around to the safety off the inn and to get backup from my friends. There she finds Sacquis who comes to my aid. In the meantime the creature got a hold of me and started choking me but our combined efforts brings it down. Wanting to be sure the creature is dead Melor hacks into it with his sword, blood spats up. After a couple of hacks he looks down only to find the corpse of Tris the gnome. Apparently by taking the gem he got cursed and without knowing went on killing sprees.
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Falln The Kobold
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This adventure was self-written based on some horror movies I've seen
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