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Subject: In The Ruins - A Post-Apocalyptic Fiasco Playset rss

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Eric Jome
United States
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The Way It Was Ain't The Way It Is

Welcome to the ashen wasteland you bequeathed to us. You had it all, at least that's what the stories say. Enough food, clean water, no sickness, luxuries all around. What gods did you anger to bring fire down on you? What decadent excess caused you to burn out and fade away? Or was it just some damn fool mistake or terrible throw of the cosmic dice that broke your world and left us this ruin we squat in now?

Well, we'll be damned if we'll settle for another mouthful of canned rot or wear another castoff remnant. We're going to rally up our bikes, get all the chains and bats we can carry, and burn out down the last highway looking for that one good time, that little bit of justice, that thing that is our destiny hidden among the shadows. Consequences? We don't care anymore... This future you left us is a fiasco and all that's left is for us to play our parts before the final curtain falls.


1 All's Fair In Love

1 Top and bottom
2 Smitten and Unrequited
3 Rivals for a third's affection
4 Former lovers
5 Lovers
6 Mates

2 And War!

1 Leader and berserker
2 Fellow warriors
3 Rivals
4 Mercenary and employer
5 Deserters from opposing sides
6 Recruiter and reluctant prospect

3 Family, The Ties That Bind

1 Siblings
2 Offspring and parent
3 Adopted and natural
4 Eldest and youngest
5 Clones of same stock
6 Provider and caretaker

4 Strictly Business

1 Boss and worker
2 Debtor and lender
3 Scientist and experiment
4 Doctor and patient
5 Landlord and tenant
6 Mechanic and cyborg

5 Whatever It Takes To Survive

1 Scavenger and fence
2 Herder and rustler
3 Dealer and user
4 Extortionist and payer of protection
5 Escapee and tracker
6 Mutant and deviant hunter

6 There's Got To Be Social Order

1 Elder and youth
2 Shaman and seeker
3 Headman and member of tribe
4 Preacher and zealot
5 Usurper and overthrown
6 Liege and vassal


1 Revenge!

1 on those deviant mutants
2 on those jackbooted tyrants
3 on those self-righteous humans
4 on those murderous bikers
5 on those who think themselves my betters
6 on anyone not like me

2 Glory!

1 by leading others to overthrow oppression
2 by keeping order at any cost
3 by placating the higher powers
4 by getting away with it
5 by lording it over everyone else
6 by having the best and most of whatever's left

3 Comfort!

1 by making others serve me
2 by taking what I want by force
3 by serving the needs of others
4 by securing my piece of the action
5 by shirking my duty
6 by holding others for ransom

4 Escape!

1 My masters
2 My debts
3 My responsibilities
4 My lies
5 My past
6 Myself

5 Truth!

1 Prove that I am rightful Road King.
2 Find my origins.
3 Prove mutants are the scum I know they are.
4 Expose Governor White's dark secret.
5 Convert them to Reverend Greene's cause.
6 Find out what went down that night.

6 Sex!

1 To have the Road King's child.
2 To add another notch on my belt.
3 To prove I've still got it.
4 With Hepzibah, the dancer at Mad Marcus' road house.
5 To get back at my cheating ex.
6 To propagate my species.


1 Governor White's holdout

1 The Justice Pits
2 White's House
3 The workers barracks
4 The chapel of the Knights of Genetic Purity
5 The corn fields
6 The hidden shacks on the back 40

2 Mad Marcus' road house

1 Liquor Louies, the bar
2 Mad Marcus' business backroom
3 The old fallout shelter in back
4 The blood stained gravel parking lot
5 Chopper's garage and workshop
6 Hepzibah's boudoir

3 Reverend Greene's commune

1 The All Life Is Good chapel
2 Six Fingers Used Parts and Salvage
3 The Reverend's private rooms
4 Three Sweets Brothel
5 The trauma ward in the med tent
6 The secret still in the back woods

4 Area 108, an abandoned installation

1 Building 17 - Storage
2 The overgrown ruins of Gene Research Lab 07
3 The combat android maintenance bay
4 The Central Intelligence Core
5 The still unexplored armory
6 The motor pool

5 The open road

1 Death's Bend, the hairpin turn
2 A forgotten tanker truck
3 The smoldering wreck of a high speed collision
4 An abandoned gas station
5 The ruins of the old military checkpoint
6 The highway at the edge of town

6 On the water

1 Fishy Slim's Bait Shop
2 An offshore research rig
3 The hulk of the oil tanker Hernandez
4 Shantyville
5 The remains of the Riviera Hotel, beach front highrise
6 The Dive, home of Torpedo's gang


1 Valuables

1 Enough copper tubing for a first rate still
2 Two pounds of refined sugar
3 Five bottles of tequila
4 20 cartons of shotgun shells
5 20 gallons of motorcycle fuel
6 One rooster and 25 hens

2 Information

1 Pass codes to the storage locker
2 The time and location of the biker gang's next hit
3 An autographed copy of The Manifesto
4 The last known recording of A Hard Day's Night by The Beatles
5 The cure for the Rotting Plague
6 Where Hepzibah hides the key to her room

3 Archaeotech

1 A severed android head, memories intact
2 A suit of powered armor
3 An autodoc with enough juice for one more patient
4 Type C mutagenic accelerator
5 "Mr. Energy" brand portable home fusion reactor
6 A 2.1 gigawatt plasma rifle

4 Weapons

1 A compressed gas slug thrower
2 A titanium baseball bat
3 A chainsaw, fully fueled
4 A survival combat knife with a hollow handle
5 10 feet of motorcycle chain
6 An AK-47 with bayonet

5 Vehicles

1 A swamp boat
2 The last of the V8 Interceptors
3 An armored 18 wheeler full of fuel
4 A two man gyrocopter
5 A beached submarine
6 A sturdy, loyal horse

6 Dupes, Tools, and Chumps

1 Servo, a repair droid
2 Butler, an obedient servant
3 Holy Oak, a wild eyed fanatic
4 Gristle, a dumb thug
5 Honey, a pretty face
6 White Hair, a burnt out scientist
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Michael Z
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