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Subject: Adventures in Ptolus 1: Setting foot in Ptolus and picking up a potion rss

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De Haan
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I love cargo biking!
...and videogaming, boardgaming, RPG'ing and helping users as an admin!
I have been annoyed for some time now that in my lifetime lists I’m missing a bunch of session reports. There where games that I started with session reports and now have dropped or looked to others for the reports, however seeing these blanks my heart bleeds. So here is a first attempt to fix things. We have been playing a sandbox campaign in Ptolus that I never wrote session reports for but luckily I have my notes from the weekly ‘what did you play geeklists’. Let’s try to see if we can get on track with this campaign.

The group is on route to Ptolus, the city by the spire. This city has a big name but is also a strange city with strange laws. There is quite a lot you can get away with if you know how to bribe the right persons. And everything has rights: humans, dwarfs, elves, … even daemons who get called in from another dimension and get caught here. Well while the daemon is welcome the person who did the ritual will be in big trouble. There is actually just one type of creature that is truly unwelcome in Ptolus: a dark elf, they are to be killed on the spot and are worth 100 gold coins if you do so.

Well unlucky for us, we have one in our party. He’s called Ilmar and is a priest of the frost maiden. Well party is a big name, he works for something he calls ‘the dark brotherhood’, an organization that wants to keep order in big cities across the world. They work behind the screens and send Ilmar as an agent to the city. They also hired both of us: Ayko, a rogue and me, Baradimir a priest of hunt to help him out when he needs it, we are both freelancers.

Getting closer to the city the captain comes to us. He asks us if we want to go illegal into town or legally. Both Ayko and me have nothing to fear and want to get into town in a legal way. Ilmar doesn’t want to attract any attention and is put into some barrels. Arriving at port a guard officer from the docks comes aboard. As travelers there is small tax to be paid, we agree to do so and are allowed at the docks. We also notice some coins slip from the first mates fingers into the officers and the barrels are put to land without any closer inspection.

We collect Ilmar and then hit the town looking for a place to stay, some food and drink and some money because as quickly as it goes we notice that this place is expensive for us. We find a reasonably prized inn at the harbor and are having some lunch and a room there. We hear out some people for some jobs we could possible do. As we are adventurers we are suggested to head to the Delvers Guild, the control the vast dungeons under the ground. It will costs us some money though to gain admittance to the guild itself but it seems like a sure way to make money.

Ilmar however gets another offer, a man is looking for a potion. The potion is at the home of Nightshade, a wizard who lives in The Shades, yes a very shady part of town. The potion doesn’t seem to be a very good potion either and so both Ayko and I doubt about doing the job. Ilmar however doesn’t doubt and accepts the job. On his own and at night he moves to The Shades. As he gets closer he sees that the guards are ignoring the neighborhood but he still goes in. As soon as he has entered a group of men standing around asks for some money for safe passage to streets in this zone. Ilmar refuses and shoots some ice missiles wounding them and he gets passage for free. Not that this local thugs where anything special but he’s not making friends. With some directions he finds the house of Nightshade, a dementing wizard who has this special potion. Ilmar gets the potion and is heading back but apparently more people are waiting to get their hands on the potion. Ilmar gets approached by three local thugs who demand the potion. What follows is a chase through the Shades with Ilmar and three assailants running after him. Best part of the chase was when Ilmar decides to jump through a house and apparently disturbs a couple of minotaurs. Luckily he can dive out quickly enough to get away from them. His pursuers are less lucky and have to deal with the minotaurs making the escape of Ilmar possible.

Back at the inn at the dockside he meets up with Baradimir and Ayko again who have been drinking and gambling. And they got in a bit of a discussion as well. One certain moment a guard officer came in and asked for their papers. They told the man that they had already arranged things with the custom officer who didn’t mention anything about papers. This lead up into a second payment of the taxes and Baradimir being cross on the one who conned him.

At the inn Ilmar was waiting for his employer and much to his surprise the three men who chased him joined him at his table. They excused themselves for being rude earlier and that there had been a misunderstanding. They also worked for the same employer and where send to pick up the potion, they should have asked it more friendly they realize now. Ilmar believes them and gives it over to them. They leave and a little bit later his employer arrives, he knows nothing about servants he send to collect the potion for him. Ilmar has been conned as well. It becomes clear that the group will have to be careful.
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Falln The Kobold
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This was the adventure: Nightshade in Dungeon (Issue 7 - Sep 1987)
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