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Subject: Club Squirrel Adventures - Awakening rss

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One Squirrel to rule them all, One Squirrel to find them, One Squirrel to bring them all and in the darkness TPK them.
Trigger was hunched down behind a burnt out Toyota in a back ally somewhere in the West End of London. The rain was beating down hard; he was sitting in a puddle and was bleeding. The human Rigger was contemplating how it could have all gone so terribly wrong. A simple 'cause a bit of trouble' run, but they were waiting, more guns and muscle that you could have planned for. Now he was sat in a puddle in the dark, alone, his team dead. He could even see the body of Tank, the Troll street-samurai, across the street.
His thoughts were broken by gunfire, bullets riddled the other side of the car he was cowering behind. Game over?


Part One

DataDok has survived, the Decker gets Triggers attention from his hiding place in the nearby warehouse. Trigger has to go for it. Trigger throws a high-ex grenade blowing out the wall of the warehouse as DataDoK fires a flare at their assailants. Trigger and DataDok run!

- Trigger & DataDok find four stasis chambers on an independent network, off the Matrix, with the setup built from over-the-counter kit making it pretty much untraceable. One chamber is empty, one has a dead Elf (Silver), and the other two are Pops and Fuzz.

Pops & Fuzz are both in a Better-Than-life simulation so get a big shock when they are awoken. Pops & Fuzz have no memory of how they got there and appear to have been in there for 18 months.

Hearing a noise and fearing the heavies have returned the group all flee back to the runners safe-house.

- The group get to grips with their predicament and decide to set up a new team together. DataDok says he will help but will most likely sit out of most runs... it has really got to him.

- PCs head to the Neon Glitz nightclub where they meet up with a cute female Ork fixer known as Pink Roxx.

- She doesn't know why Triggers last job went south, but now knows it was a setup, but the Johnson is also dead.
- She doesn't know about the BTL stasis chambers but will investigate.
- She does have a quick delivery job that pays well.

- The next morning Fuzz & Pops get their things in order then the team head to Mr. K's Magic Emporium in the grotty underbelly of London's East End.

- The Emporium is mainly a bookshop but also sells simple magic tricks and illusions, not real magic. Mr. K has a parcel to be delivered.
- Pops has a strange experience as he goes to pick up the parcel. all the lights go out leaving him in total darkness, though just for a few seconds. He then proceeds and picks up the simply wrapped parcel.

- Delivery is to a house just outside Wisbech in Norfolk. Norfolk in sparse and heavily flooded in2073 but there are still super-highways making the journey quick and uneventful. But the group take no chances and drive up in the Bulldog.

- the house is a large run down house sitting on it's own in the middle of nowhere. But they left London at 11:30am and it's now 10pm. They've lost the day and don't know why.

- Fuzz checks the house. No one answers. The lights are off. Fuzz goes inside. The lights in the hallway work. He pokes his head into a couple of dark rooms then peers into the kitchen.

- Meanwhile Trigger and Pops wait in the Van. Trigger turns to look at Pops whose face has transformed into a twisted freakish fanged Ghoul!!!!

Part Two

The old house is very dated inside. A 10' high oil painting of an old man with grey hair and beard is at the top of the wide staircase.

- There is a bang on the back door. A constant thumping. When Fuzz calls out the thumping stops.

- Back in the Bulldog Pops is perfectly normal, though Trigger is slightly shaken. Then the thumping starts on the back of the van. Trigger checks his cameras to see a frenzied Ghoul thumping at the vans doors. Trigger and Fuzz burst out the back of the van and in a volley of fire cut down the Ghoul in seconds.

- Just then headlights can bee seen of a car heading up the long road to the house. A young man gets out, acknowledges the PCs, and heads into the house. The group go to speak with him; he is friendly and asks if they have come to deliver his parcel.

- The group tell him about the Ghouls and strange happenings, he seems concerned but not surprised.

- Power is restored and the man offers the PCs drinks then opens the package. The PCs stare in horror at the NECRONOMICON - Book of the Dead! The young man sniffs and shrugs, "Fake," he says, "probably pig skin. Oh it still has power, but nothing to be too concerned about." Needless to say, the Pcs are concerned. The man says he has been tracking down these books to destroy them. He also says that he believes the real Necrnomicon is just a legend, but there are a few of these fake books about, some still qite powerful.

He then offers to double the PCs payment if they stay for another hour to protect him while he casts a spell to destroy the book. After some concerned discussion they agree.

- the young man sits in the middle of the living room and beings casting his spell. The PCs position themselves around the room with Trigger remotely controlling the Bulldog to patrol around the house.

- Several Ghouls approach the house and Trigger opens fire with the Bulldogs armaments and even runs down several.

- in the house Fuzz has summoned a Fire-sprite to help him. Several meter long Devil Rats scutter into the room and try to gnaw on everyone there. With a combination of gunfire and magic Fuzz and Pops fend them off.

- then the house itself attacks, the floorboards twist up like a giant clawed hand and grab hold of Trigger. This causes Trigger to lose control of the Bulldog and lets in several Ghouls.

- More gunfire and magic cuts down the ghouls and eventually the spell is complete. The Necronomicon is destroyed, and the young man curses, "Damn it! I've done it again!"
"What's the prob chummer?" asks Fuzz.
"I've burnt the coffee table again."

- Payment is made and the young man says he would be happy to hire them in the future. He takes their names and introduces himself as... Merlin.

Cast of characters


Trigger - Human Rigger, his team mates Tank and Magik have just been killed.
Pops - Elf Face. Spent last 18 months in BTL simulation.
Fuzz - Elf Mage. Spent last 18 months in BTL simulation.


DataDok - Human Decker on Triggers old team.
Tank - Deceased. Troll street samurai on Triggers old team.
Magik - Deceased. Elf Mage on Triggers old team.
Silver - Deceased. Elf Decker on Pops & Fuzz's old team.
Samson - Missing. Ork street Samurai on Pops & Fuzz's old team.

Duval - Deceased. Johnson who set up Triggers old team.

Pink Roxx - Ork Fixer.
Mr. K. - Human mage shop-keeper.
Merlin - Human mage.

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