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Subject: Planet of Ice rss

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Club Squirrel
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I'm not exactly breaking the laws of time, but I am bending them a little.

Planet of Ice
a Club Squirrel adventure

This adventure is loosely based on Planet of the Mists

Player Characters

Elam-Darr – Corellian pilot
Spanners – Rodian tech
R4-G1 – R4 astromech droid


Chieftain Moffatt

Commander Killig Karnak

Part One

The alarm sounds for the evacuation of the Rebel Base. Imperial cruisers are in orbit of the jungle moon and landing craft have already touched down with AT-AT Walkers closing in on the base. The Imperial bombardment is relentless, General Giger orders Elam-Dar, Spanners and their R4 unit to take one of the transports and get to the rendezvous site.

Before they can board TIE Bombers assault the base and the transport is hit. Elam-Darr is not dissuaded and powers up the Rebel Transport and gets it in the air. R4 plugs into the astro-computer and as soon as they are clear they make the jump to Hyperspace.


The damage caused by the TIE Bombers causes a hyperdrive problem. Off-course they drop out of light speed and find themselves diving into the atmosphere of a small ice moon. The ion drive and repulsor engines are misfiring and Elam-Darr has no other option than to attempt a crash landing.

A mountain range looms ahead, the choice is to try to ditch the ship before the mountains or try to clear the mountains and ditch in the ice lakes. The choice is made to ditch before the mountains, and fortunately Elam-Darr makes the safest crash landing possible. The ship is beyond repair and buried deep in the snow but Elam-Darr, Spanners and R4 are unharmed.

The heroes check the ship and Spanners assures them the ship is beyond repair. The cargo hold contains some medicines but mainly foodstuffs and the upper hold does hold a Longprobe Y-Wing Starfighter.

R4 scans the area and detects several life forms moving slowly towards the ship, but they are some distance away. Then there is a more rapid movement detected, an Imperial Troop Transport! Six Snowtroopers disembark and begin examining the crashed ship. The heroes decide to take cover as the weather turns from light snow to a blizzard with the Snowtroopers deciding to leave for now. But the other life forms get closer, eventually revealing themselves as a tribe of Talz. They have crashed on Orto Plutonia.

Part Two

The heroes spend the night with the Talz tribe in their mountain caves overlooking the valley where the Rebel Transport crashed. They meet Chieftain Moffatt and the young and over-excited Fooph.

The Tribe are weak and malnourished. Chieftain Moffatt claims the heroes arrival was prophesied, and shows an ancient image on an animal hide than looks like the transports crash site. Moffat explains that the Imperial are destroying their world and have taken many of their tribe as slaves, the slaves are held wearing slave collars. The heroes offer the tribe the foodstuffs from the transport and agree to help in any way they can.

A plan is devised, Fooph will lead the heroes to the Imperial base where they will attempt to free the slaves.

There is no security fence but there are sensors which R4 is able to disable, while Fooph is able to lead the heroes in a path that avoids the patrol droids.

On approach the group realise that the Imperial facility is a DSI Hyperbaride Synthesis Processing Plant. Such facilities can cause serious damage to planets, totally destroying their eco-system.

The heroes find an access door. R4 opens the door and over-rides the pass-codes meaning the doors will not open for anyone but the heroes. Inside they head to the Command Room, which they find guarded by two Stormtroopers.

R4 leads a surprise attack on the Stormtroopers, who are easily overcome. R4 enters the Command Centre unnoticed; he’s just a droid after all. In the Command Centre are two Imperial Officers, four technicians and a Talz slave.

R4 accesses the computers and disables the slave collars, but is noticed by Commander Karnak. R4 alerts Elam-Darr who bursts into the Command Centre. A firefight ensues with R4 also attacking the Commander. No one pays attention to the Talz slave until it is seemingly too late, he has accessed the computers and shut down all safety functions, the plant goes into overload! The heroes and the Talz slaves flee the facility just in time as it explodes!

The Tapani Sector
Moff Lard sits in his office hammering buttons on his computer console. “Why cor I get that bloody plant to reply. I’m mekkin money off dat plant. Oi, droid, get me a cuppa tay, and use a tray, ‘ealth and saerfty.”

Chieftain Moffat praises the heroes and the tribe celebrates in their honour. The tribe manages to clear the snow from the crashed transport to allow access to the Y-Wing Starfighter.

As the group prepare to leave Chieftain Moffatt gives Elam-Darr the prophetic animal hide, which Elam-Darr notices is not that old. Moffat nods and smiles, “Yes, I drew that when I saw you crash. Prophecies come, prophecies go. You have friends here, and when you are ready, we will be ready to help you.”

The heroes say their goodbyes and soon their Y-Wing starfighter leaves the ice world and disappears into hyperspace.
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