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Subject: Escape from Paradise - Part 1 rss

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Club Squirrel
Brierley Hill
The Black Country
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One Squirrel to rule them all, One Squirrel to find them, One Squirrel to bring them all and in the darkness TPK them.

Episode II
Escape from Paradise
Part 1

a Club Squirrel adventure

Player-Characters (the Squirrels)
Elam-Darr – Corellian pilot
Spanners – Rodian tech
R4-G1 – R4 astromech droid

The Squirrels Y-Wing comes out of Hyperspace in Korad system within the Elrood Sector. From a distance the planet has several rings, but as they move closer they see that these rings are millions of wrecks of starships. The system is relatively active, the closest ships are two intimidating Ugor Dreadnoughts. No one pays any attention to the small Y-Wing and they proceed down to the planets capital city.

The entire planet is a junk yard ruled by Ugors, Jawas, Ugnaughts, Sqiubs and the remnants of the Techno Union. The Capital city is nothing but roadways drawn between the garbage with heavy industrial plants to the north. The atmosphere is thick and toxic.

The Squirrels have hardly left their ship when a swarm of Mynocks descend upon them. They go for the power cables of their ship, attack R2 and even try to feed off Elam-Darr’s blaster. The Squirrels let off several bursts of fire shooting down several mynocks before the rest flee.

They spin about as a refitted Super-Battle Droid bearing the markings of the Techno Union stands before them. The droid offers itself as security for they starship for a meagre 50 credits which the PCs happily pay.

The Squirrels can see Junkerz, the central government buildings which also includes many tech shops and cantinas, built around an old Techno Union Cruiser, but head straight to meet their contact.

Nothing but a sign reading ‘Tech Shop’ points to the body of an old Imperial AT-AT Walker that is now the tech shop of Ug-Wrench, and Ugnaught tech, Rebel Agent and friend of Spanners.

Ug-Wrench is amazed at the timing of the PCs. His Alliance contacts have a mission. Ugors claim to have a genuine recording of the destruction of Alderaan, something vital to prove to the galaxy that the Empire was behind it. The PCs don’t hang around and borrow a speeder and drive out he the near-by Ugor territory.

The journey is nearly eventful as they are attacked by Jawa mercenaries, but they manage to evade and speed away to safety. The Ugors have little in the way of actual cities, just a bigger junk yard. At it’s heart is the The Holy Ugor Taxation Collection Agency, the remains of an Imperial Dreadnought.

The High Tax Inspector of the Ugors explains that his pseudo-pod (off-spring) is wanted by the Empire for stealing junk (well, it was still attached to a Star Destroyer at the time). He is hiding in the Ugor homeworld, the System of Paradise. While his pseudo-pod could shape-shift he also needs the Dreadnought he commands as it has a valuable cargo. But the Dreadnought is damaged, hence the Ugors need a tech and a pilot. Perform this task and they will give the Rebels the holo-recordings they have discovered.

The Squirrels agree and return to their ship, take-off and set course for the System of Paradise…
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