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Subject: Escape from Paradise - Part 2 rss

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Club Squirrel
Brierley Hill
The Black Country
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One Squirrel to rule them all, One Squirrel to find them, One Squirrel to bring them all and in the darkness TPK them.

Episode II
Escape from Paradise
Part 2

a Club Squirrel adventure

Player-Characters (the Squirrels)
Elam-Darr – Corellian pilot
Spanners – Rodian tech
R4-G1 – R4 astromech droid

Non-player characters
Ugnog the pseudo-pod
Commander Malice
Captain Dakker

Cut-away – to the Victory class Star Destroyer Vindicator.
Captain Dakker stands on his bridge looking out at the swirling chaos of the System of Paradise. ‘This has to be the worst post in the Empire,’ he mutters under his breath. Then he feels the approach of his second in command, and slowly turns to greet Commander Malice, the pale skinned blond office dressed in his sharp red uniform. Captain Dakker tries his hardest to hide his disdain at the officer forced upon him.
“Captain,” says Commander Malice, “A Y-Wing starfighter has entered the system. I can only presume you were not informed as no attempt at interception was made.”
“Comm… mander,” stuttered the Captain, “It was too far away. A single fighter in that mess, I really felt it was not work risking our fighters for one ship.”
“That is your decision to make, Captain. I shall note it in the ships log. With your permission, I would like to follow my own investigation on this ship.”
“Yes. Yes of course,” says the Captain, anything to get Commander Malice off his bridge, “I think that’s an excellent idea. Use any resources.”
“I intended to… Captain.”

The Squirrels Y-Wing enters the giant junk yard that is the System of Paradise. They take their time using the giant hulks of junk to hide their presence until they find the Dreadnought of the Ugor Ugnog the Pseudo-Pod.

Aboard the Dreadnought they find that the important cargo appears to be freed slaves of various races, primarily twi’lek, men women and children. Ugnog meets with the Squirrels and explains the problems with their engines. They will need to go collect the parts, located on a nearby hulk.

The Squirrels take some time to check out the ship. R4 is able to improve the ships computers and makes a new friend in the form of a Loth Cat, while Spanners familiarises himself with the engines.

Elam-Darr talks to one of the slave, Gilrek, who offers his help, while a female twi’lek call Tashara explains the slaves story to Spanners, explaining Ugnog is taking them to freedom.

The Squirrels then set off to collect the parts. With some expert piloting by Elam-Darr they evade an Imperial Probe Droid and land on the hulk. The ion drive they need is easily found but there is a problem. It has been connected to a power source and is being used to burn off excess power, to just shut it down would cause an explosion. With that Elam-Darr and Spanners explore the hulk to try and shut down the power source.

They soon realise they are on the remains of the Death Star! They find one of the power cores active, but it looks like this work was done recently, but still it cannot be shut down from here. They continue deeper into the hulk when spanners trips and causes some of the structure to collapse revealing two droids, a 3P0 and a 1B Medical droid. However, the 3P0 is fitted with a blaster and the 1B is armed with syringes.
The droids advance on the Squirrels, “Destroy. Destroy! DESTROY!”

To be continued...
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