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Subject: Escape from Paradise - Part 3 rss

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Club Squirrel
Brierley Hill
The Black Country
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One Squirrel to rule them all, One Squirrel to find them, One Squirrel to bring them all and in the darkness TPK them.

Episode II
Escape from Paradise
Part 3

a Club Squirrel adventure

Player-Characters (the Squirrels)
Elam-Darr – Corellian pilot
Spanners – Rodian tech
R4-G1 – R4 astromech droid

Non-player characters
Ugnog the pseudo-pod
Commander Malice

Spanners and Elam-Darr pull their blasters and open fire. Elam blasts the weapons arm of the protocol droid, but despite hitting the medical droid hard it still advances menacingly on Spanners, numerous syringes ready to inject who knows what! Spanners next shot is on target, and this time the medical droid explodes while Elam finishes off the protocol droid. Now the Rebels advance with a lot more care.

R4 has remained near their Y-Wing starfighter in the remains of what was once a docking bay. Three mouse droids roll out of the damages superstructure, but as they near R4 realises they are armed with small lasers. R4 finds himself surrounded by blasts but is able to retaliate using his welding arc.

While R4 was able to deal with the mouse droids easily his little skirmish has attracted the attention the Imperial Probe Droid they encountered earlier. The Probe droid hovers into the hulk and begins scanning the Y-Wing. R4 charges in with his welding arc but is hit by a heavy blast from the Probe droid. R4 shows resilience and fights back, and as his welder cuts through the Probes armour he knows what is coming next but is unable to get clear as the Probe droid self destructs, the blast hurling R4 across the bay, his power flickering out, his systems shut down from the damage sustained.

Elam and Spanners find the power junction, inside the crawl tube of what was once a Death Star gun turret. Spanners climbs inside, but in doing so fails to notice it has become the lair to a Space Slug. The space slug is around seven feet long and lunges at Spanners, but Spanners reacts fast and kills the creature with a laser cutter. He manages to shut down the power as needed.

As Spanners and Elam climb through the space hulk two more armed protocol droids. As the Rebels get ready for a fire-fight the two droids are demolished by a heavily armed Assassin Droid looking for a fight! Elam’s first shot* blows up the droids heavy blaster, but the droid just re-arms itself with it’s built-in arm blaster. Spanners shoots* and blasts the arm blaster. Annoyed, droid re-arms itself arming its shoulder mounted MISSILE LAUNCHER! Another shot from Elam* blows the weapon from the droids shoulder. It’s ranged weapons are now lost, so the Assassin droid advances extending it’s wrist mounted vibro-claws! “Oh no!” exclaimed Spanners and lets volley another blast at the droid*. The shot hits the mid-section of the droid, blowing off it’s legs.

Terminator style the Assassin droid continues to crawl towards the Rebels, it’s only intent being death. Elam puts aside how impressive the droids resilience is and finishes it off with another volley of blasts.
* Each shot rolling a Triumph.

R4 slowly powers up only to discover an Imperial Shuttle landed in the bay. A red uniformed officer, Commander Malice, commands three squads of Stormtroopers. He orders the Sergeant to take one squad in one direction while leading another himself the same way Spanners and Elam went. The third squad remains to guard the shuttle.

A Stormtrooper notices R4. He looks at the damaged droid then starts back to the shuttle. R4 beeps and whistles, the Stormtrooper turns around.
R4 “Oi. What are you doing?” [in beeps and whistles]
Stormtrooper “Any know what this droid is saying?”
R4 “Can you understand me?”
Stormtrooper “Come on guys, anyone?” The rest of the squad ignore him.
R4 “You BEEPing BEEP BEEP” (I won’t repeat the bad language)
Stormtrooper “No idea.”
After some rocking about from R4 the Stormtrooper realises the droid can communicate through the shuttles computers, so leads the droid aboard the ship.

Spanners and Elam continue through the hulk and walk right into the squad of Stormtroopers led by the sergeant.
Stormtrooper Sgt “It’s them! Blaster ‘em!”
A fire-fight ensues, and the Stormtroopers prove to be a bigger threat than the droids. Elam-Darr is rendered unconscious and Spanners is forced to flee, when doing so he let’s off a barrage of shots that brings down the structure blocking off the Stormtroopers.

On board the shuttle R4 plugs into the ships computer. He tells the Stormtrooper he has vital information [bluff] but his systems are too damaged. The Stormtrooper asks one of the pilots if they can fix R4, which they do.

Spanners finds another power junction and shuts it down with ease, but he inadvertently triggers an alarm alerting 10-NT, the Imperial War Droid that calls this space hulk home.

In the primary core Commander Malice examining the room with a squad of Stormtroopers when 10-XT awakes and emerges from it’s hidden alcove.

10-NT based on Z-X3 from Marvel Star Wars - Droid World
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