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Subject: Escape from Paradise - Part 4 rss

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Club Squirrel
Brierley Hill
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One Squirrel to rule them all, One Squirrel to find them, One Squirrel to bring them all and in the darkness TPK them.

Episode II
Escape from Paradise
Part 4

a Club Squirrel adventure

Player-Characters (the Squirrels)
Elam-Darr – Corellian pilot
Spanners – Rodian tech
R4-G1 – R4 astromech droid

Non-player characters
Commander Malice
Tashara Biptuna

Spanners tries to make his way back to the ship, but that mean crossing through the Power Core when the now active 10-NT War Droid awaits. As Spanners watches he see a squad of dead Stormtroopers, but Command Malice is standing and confronting the droid.

"You are an Imperial war droid," says Malice, "I cam Commander Malice of the Empire, you will comply with my commands."
10-NT faces the small yet imposing commander, then blasts him full in the face with enough force to hurl Malice backwards through the super-structure of the space hulk.

Spanners takes his chance. He sees that 10-NT has multiple power cables trailing from his back and surmises the droid has power problems. Spanners sneaks in and starts disconnecting the cables... until 10-NT spots the Rodian! Spanners runs but gets trapped in a small alcove. Panicking he begins to climb up through the superstructure but gets stuck. [Spanner fails his climbing roll, but rolls several Advantages. GM rules that he can climb no further, but 10-NT cannot lift his arms that high to grab him, and as 10-NT has a chest cannon he cannot shoot upwards. Stalemate.]

The Stormtrooper Sgt. returned with his squad carrying the unconscious Elam-Darr. They took him aboard the Imperial shuttle before going in search of Commander Malice and the rebel Rodian.
Aboard the Shuttle is R4 and the Stormtrooper who helped him earlier.
"BJ-69,” called another trooper, "Why aren't you at your post?" BJ-69 cringed at his call designation. "I'm trying to extract information from this droid!"
Elam-Darr was starting to come around, and was able to grab a stim-stick. Elam realised his cuffs were not correctly locked. He freed himself and grabbed his blaster, but the Stormtrooper already had him covered. After a stand-off Elam tries talking down the trooper, who seems easily talked down, and says his name is Stormy, not what the Imperial call him!
"Listen," says Stormy, "I was indoctrinated into the Empire. I'm 100% loyal to the Emperor. Well. I think that's what the film said? I think I got distracted that day and may have nodded off. I'm not even supposed to be a Stormtrooper. I applied to be a tech but there was a mix up. So here I am, pointing blasters at people for no reason. I'm just going along with it because I really have nothing else I can do."
Elam-Darr was surprised. "Then don't do it. Come with me? Be a tech for the Alliance."
"I can be tech. Screw it, I'm in. Err... can I keep the uniform though, I kindof like it?"

Spanners inevitable drops, landing on the shoulders of 10-NT. 10-NT flails in an attempt to throw the rodian clear, but Spanners hangs on while attempting to shut down the droid by ramming his plasma cutter into the droids neck joint!

Spanners does get thrown clear, just as the squad of Stormtroopers appears. Spanners dodges clear and runs for the hanger as the Stormtroopers and 10-NT exchange fire. As he flees Spanners makes an aimed shot at the reactor, causing it to explode!
As Spanners is thrown into the hanger Elam and Stormy have taken care of the rest of the Stormtroopers. spanners gets to work disconnecting the engine thruster they need... as Commander Malice strides in to the hanger. Malice's face is torn off relealing what appear to be layers of artificial flesh.

"He's a replicant droid!" explaims Elam. Elam immediately throws a grenade, it explodes at the commanders feet. As the dust and smoke clear Commander Malice simple stands up! Elam throws another grenade, this one goes off [Advantages on dice] and destroys a section of the floor sending Commander Malice plummeting down through the space hulk.
Spanner and Elam get to the Y-Wing, pick up the engine and set course back to the Ugor Dreadnought. Stormy and R4 follow in the Imperial Shuttle.

Back at the Dreadnought of Ugnog the Pseudo Pod repaiers are swift, btu small sections keep going off-line causing all technicians, including Spanners to have to keep running around the ship just to keep the power on. Tasara, the twi'lek woman Spanners had met earlier appears and thanks Spanners for his help, then draws a blaster!
"Huh?" says Spanners
"I am Tashara Biptuna, of the Biptuna Clan. My family run the slave syndicates on Ryloth, and I will not let you embarrass them by freeing these slaves." with that she blasts the power conduit Spanners was repairing, but this gives Spanners time to drawn his blaster and stun Tashara. Fortunately the damage is not great and spanners can repair it allowing Elam-Darr to evade the Imperial Star Destroyer and escape into Hyperspace...

As payment the Ugors give the Squirrels the wreck of a L-2783 salvage craft that orbits in the junk rings of Korad. While the ship will not fly the Squirrels plan on using it as a base of operations.

Stormy joins the Rebels as a tech aboard the ship.

The slaves are freed, but a dozen or so stay on helping the Rebels crew the ship.

Tashara Biptuna is handed over to Vigo Jeribia, who unknown to the Rebels was the one who helped free the slaves in the first place.

They also now have a ships cat.

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