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Tormod Digre
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Firstly; I´m a role-player through 25+ years. Mostly I´ve played D&D, Call of Cthulhu, Deadlands, Numenera and a smattering of other systems with a firm and fast group of friends.

I got hooked on the kickstarter of Dusk City Outlaws (DCO) with the promise of ease of use and elements from both Role-Playing Games (RPG) and boardgames. Through the kickstarter I got introduced to the different concepts of the game - and really liked watching the playthroughs on video. I can recommend this one for a good intro:

After a couple of jobs (adventures) I can say that the game delivers. It merges the ease of boardgames (15 min prep time) with an intensity of role-playing and creativity that is partly absent in more rules-intensive games. I could go into the details of the rules here, but that defeats the true purpose of this review. I can say, however, that the rules are well thought out and melds perfectly with the heist genre.

Dusk City Outlaws shine a light into a new way of thinking RPG´s which is deeply fascinating: They don´t need to be complicated, as long as they are focused. DCO sets the stage by limiting the role-playing to one enormous, relatively undefined city and gives the players roles as criminals that adhere to rules set by a council of cartels. This limitation would stifle most of the big games out there, but DCO thrives within these limits.

The props are magnificent. They are meticulously stacked in the box and are all of high quality which I think will stand the test of many jobs.

This game is one of the great ones. I guess RPG purists would hammer the game for every conceivable wrong reason. But when the chips fall and dice settle this game is about giving a wonderful frame for collective storytelling of the best heists you´ll ever participate in.

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