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Subject: 1st playtest - Round 1 rss

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James Solow
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Five clicks away from your base there is a rumor of the opposition using people to make fertilize and water their crops.

Random encounter 1d4
1: 3 mechas
2: 4 mechas
3: 5 mechas
4: 6 mechas

Weapon types 1d4
1: Machine gun coin flip 2 guns or 1 gun and 1 shield
2: Energy sword and shield
3: Energy tonfa
4: Gun & Shield and 2 missiles

Enemy fuel bid
1: 5 units
2: 10 units
3: 15 units
4: 20 units

Boss battle at 5 hex
7 mecha with two having scythe and shield

Position of mecha
1-2 Front row
3-4 Middle row
5-6 Back row

My squad (all lv 1):
3 Mecha with energy tonfa
2 Scythe and Shield
1 Hacker
2 Mechanics
1 Science office

1st encounter
rolled 2: 4 enemy mecha
1 Mecha in front row with tonfa
2 Mecha in middle row on with tonfa and other with gun and shield and 2 missiles
1 Mecha in back with tonfa.

So far this feels alot like work than a game. I haven't even rolled anything for combat. I note that limbs are going to fly off these mechs. I gave all of the mechs the lowest cost limbs and a stronger core.
I spend some of the extra money on arms and legs.

"Do you think that we can make it out of this without losing any of our men?"
I default that the squads fuel will be replenished between battles.
I bid 10 on all of my mechs to try to go first.
One of the enemy mechas bids 20 and the rest bid 5.

The enemy mecha attacks one of my front liners.
He uses his energy tonfa to completely destroy my guys left arm.

One of my other front liners attacks the mecha in the front row rolls a 13 and I target his core 7 damage.
I use the 2nd mecha to try to finish him off. Hitting on a 14 and doing 4 damage.

I use the science officer to try to hit the mecha with only one hit point with her gun. Rolling a 9. I wanted to save those missile for later.

I attack with one of the mecha that has a scythe.
He rolls an 8.

I attack with the other one. I rolled an 11.

I have the mechanic attach an arm to my unusable mecha.
I have the other mechanic attempt to finish off the mecha that is down to his last 1 hp on his core.
Rolls 14 hitting the mecha and doing 4 damage.

Since I didn't hit any of the limbs on that mecha. I think there should be a roll to see if any of the limbs survive the explosion (updated rules)

The remaining three enemies attack
2 of them miss and the last one hits doing 8 damage and ripping the limbs off one of my front row guys.

After the first round of combat, I think that I like the ability to target specific parts of an enemy. In my childhood, I really enjoyed playing Robotech and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Other Strangeness due to the fact that inanimate objects had hitpoints and you could blow them up. I think that d&d never did it because it adds a lot of book keeping. My first thought was all of the book keeping for setting up that fight was kind of a snooze at first.
There is probably a reason that front mission (which I was thinking about when I designed this game) is a computer rpg and not a table top one.

The idea that was a flash of inspiration in my head was to have an osr style mecha game in which you get experience for efficiently using fuel rations, stealing parts from enemies and rescuing humans in a post apocalyptic world wasteland that is getting hotter because people are over using their fuel.
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James Solow
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The first idea that I had from playing with my ideas was to allow melee weapons to spin up die for a fuel cost and to add dice for guns at a fuel cost. I can't wait to get a game group together again and try again.
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