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You proceed from a false assumption. I am a Vulcan. I have no ego to bruise.
Way of the Wicked - Tears of the Blessed - Session 064 - A pillaged cave and a dead ogre - Sunday 20th of May 2018
Previous sessions: Way of the Wicked Wiki

Present are:
Kratos - The_David Male Oracle - Hierophant (David)
Kern Diablus - Redstuf Gnome Male Sorcerer with infernal bloodline - Archmage (Aiko)
Mitch - Marisakis Human Male Summoner (Sebastiaan) with summoned three headed dog Trishy - Hierophant/Archmage
Marit - Narl Human Female Ranger (Leonie) with Agnetha the Wolf as her animal companion (all level 10) - Champion
And our GM - Tiems (Timo)

With the Medusa no longer threatening them but also not there to negotiate with the knot decides to take the statue of the princess with them in the hope of turning the stone back to flesh later and get a reward for her return. And there might be now some time left for hunting down a treasure they know that must be near, they have seen it on the dragon’s hide. Just in case they start to search for the Medusa again the knot invests in six pairs of smoked goggles. The next morning they will continue their journey. Upon returning to the mansion they head to bed. As they wake up Kern heads down first and finds Elise having a cup of tea with Okkie and with the princess (!). Okkie is rambling to the princess about how happy she is to have helped in liberating her (she wasn’t even there, although to be fair she did bring her back to life). Elise wants to accompany her to her father for the reward. The knot protests, Elise wasn’t there at the Medusa was she? Still, they did help and in the end they decide the reward will be split into 6 equal parts.

The princess is serving cookies and this seems very odd. Kern realises witches are known for their ability to charm humans and must be the case now. He wonders what the princess would be like without the spell active. Elise tells him she started screaming like crazy and it was not pleasant, still for Kern’s amusement she ends the spell. The princess immediately starts to shout and scream and demands a footbath from Kern right now. Marit gets close to the princess in an intimidating pose to quiet her and Kern runs off in his pyjamas to get the princess her footbath. The princess does not recall having met the Medusa. The knot sends a message to the baron they have brought his daughter back and within ten minutes a carriage appears in front of the mansion. A red carpet rolls from the door of the carriage to the door of the mansion and a delegation of the baron gets out to invite the knot to the Baron’s mansion. Okkie will come along disguised as a half elf/human farmer and Elise joins as a priestess of Mitra.

At the great hall in the Baron’s mansion we meet him. He addresses the knot as courageous adventurers, his heroes! Not only did the knot manage to get a life sign of his daughter but they even actually brought her back alive! (The princess is taken aside by now and is checked by the Inquisition (!), it is her alright!). It is a good thing the knot has their alignments hidden. The original reward was a boon, what would they like to have as a reward? Before answering Marit notices there are quite a bit of guards positioned practically over the entire hall and their gear seems better than you’d normally expect. Even their colours are just a bit more vibrant, as though they’re shiny and new. The baron donated the knot a piece of land, with noble title. Elise will get a chapel for her “saints”, Okkie will have an alchemical lab and Mitch will have a workspace as well. Kratos (who goes by the name of Johnny in here) and Marit do not have any special additional requests. However, things will be a lot easier according to the baron if there’s a title in play. He knights Mitch as the new Lord of Northmoor.

As the knot leaves they pass the guards and the princess who has joined her father again. When Elise passes her by, Marit notices a glimpse of fear and recognition in the princess her eyes. It makes her wonder and when they get back to their own mansion she asks Elise about it. It turns out Elise has put a mark/snowflake on the princess as well to influence her so she will act in the best interests of the knot. This hurts Marit, it makes her no longer feel special to Elise as she has a mark as well. Elise reassures her that is not the case, she does not need a mark or charms for Marit, that is not how their relationship works.

Evil Inc is growing rapidly and the knot sends some of their people to Northmoor to set up a defence. The knot heads out in search of treasure as they can use some more money to finance the upcoming battle. The area they are heading to is populated by dwarves. Elise is not coming along, she is heading to Northmoor as well to take charge over there. Taking the path close to the mountains, the knot heads south. They pass by a cave and when they investigate it they find it plundered. A ogre’s corpse still lies there and at the far end of the cave lies a human corpse. Kratos checks out the human corpse and sees wounds inflicted by a dagger. This human was not killed by the ogre apparently. Other adventure with my Tiefling, she was here and caused all this. Next to the corpse is a small book of prayers to Mitra.

Behind the corpse Marit finds a piece of rock that looks different, she has the idea there’s a mechanism behind it. When she pushes the rock a stone seems to be rolling away behind it but nothing else happens. Kern detects magic and at the same time Mitch and Kern run for it to see if they can get through. They even fall through as Kratos is dispelling the magic. Kratos checks the wounds of the ogre as well and notices stab wounds caused its death. Probably caused by a human or half-elf judging by the size. There is nothing to be found here and they decide to follow the steps leading down that are now revealed. Kern casts light on his little finger and they proceed downwards. After about 20 meters the hallway splits up in two passages. Both look the same and there is no magic in either of them. Looking more closely it seems one way has a bit more moss than the other and from the left passageway there is a slight breeze.

End of session
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