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Subject: Byronic Force and Destiny, session 1 rss

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Hein Ragas
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First session of our Force & Destiny game.

We open with the traditional Starting Crawl. The intro sees a courier bring a recording to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, a male Twi'lek and a female Rodian. The holographic recording is of a Mirialan Jedi, and the pair look worried.

In a tiny bedroom in the temple, a female Twi'lek Jedi is tossing and turning in her sleep. She dreams of being called by her master Roku and 'awakes' to a scene from a year ago. She is meditating on a flat stone in the Room of a Thousand Fountains in the temple. At the edge of the pond stands Master Roku (whom we now recognise as the Mirialan from the intro). They walk along one of the many paths, and he tells her that he will have to leave on a mission at the order of the Jedi Council. He won't be taking Chunlade with him. Instead, Master Roku has deemed Chunlade ready to take her Jedi trials. He won't tell Chunlade about the mission, other than that it is related to his specialities in history and archeology. They say their goodbyes, and as Roku approaches the door out of the room, a chill spreads and a shadowy maw forms, chomping down on him. Chunlade awake startled to the beeping of the commlink in her room. A droid's voice announces that the Jedi Council requests her presence immediately.
The male Cerean Jedi Sikh Seek L'Est is meditating on a platform with his back to the doorway. The disassembled components of a lightsaber lie in front of him. Still meditating, Sikh lifts the components up with his Force powers and they come together, assemble into a lightsaber. But the emitter just sputters when he tries to turn it on. From the doorway comes the voice of Master Roku who offers his help. He inspects the lightsaber and concludes that the emitter is reversed. He also tells Sikh he's being sent on a mission, but he can't say for how long or where. He asks Sikh to look after Chunlade, and to offer council or comfort, should she require it in Roku's absense. They bow and Roku leaves. Again, shadow jaws around the door. Then Sikh awakes from the beeping of the commlink. It's the same message as Chunlade received.
The assassin droid IG-N0BL3 and the Togruta Pilot Balar Dash are in the C-D-bar in the sublevels of Coruscant. Balar is drunk, he's lost all their money gambing and complains to an impassive "Iggy" about this. A Human at the bar, clearly a factory worker from the lower levels and already in his cups, offers Balar another drink and he accepts. But then he tries to pick a fight with him, saying things as that "youse upper level types" get all the cushy jobs etcetera. Balar just shrugs and tells him everybody has their own battles to fight, and pushes the guy in the chest to accentuate his point. N0BL3 has already taken position behind the worker and prevents him falling into a serving girl. Balar calms him down, and the worker breaks down sobbing. Just as Balar is wondering how he can get out of there quickly, their communicators beep. The temple is requiring their services. N0BL3 immediately leaves, Balar throws some credits at the bartender and runs off, leaving the worker depressed and drinking.

Now our crew is complete! Left to right: Balar Dash, Chunlade, IG-N0BL3, Sikh Sikh L'est

They all meet up outside the Council room. The female Rodian Jedi from the intro lets us in: we know her to be Master Sopraa, the head of education. Inside the room is Master Kevak, the male Twi'lek Jedi from the intro. Kevak explains that they've received a distressing communication, and Sikh guesses it's about Roku, seeing as both he and Chunlade are there. In response, Kevak plays the communication for us: we see a hologram of Roku, who explains that ion storms around the system had prevented him from sending a message earlier. Mid-sentence, he's cut off by explosions in the distance, and we hear Roku ask a crewmember what is going on -- but they don't know. Roku leaves the hologram and there's static. Kevak explains that this is the last visual, but that the audio went on, with just static. But at the end of the communication there's some clear audio again: explosions as rumbling background noise, people screaming behind a door, begging for their lives and then the screams cut off. The last sound is the humming of a lightsaber cutting through flesh, followed by a thud. Then, only static. The message was received this morning, from the temple's private encrypted channel, which only a few high-ranking members of the Council know the codes for.
The Sith haven't been in the galaxy for centuries, ever since the Great Galactic War some 900 years ago. Now, they are only rumour and hear-say. We are ti proceed to the coordinates where the transmission was sent from and see what happened. If possible, we are to recover Master Roku. We are authorized to do whatever we need to safeguard our own safety and that of the mission members.
Roku was on an archeological mission in the Lehon system, a barely charted world in the unknown regions, to recover relics of the past. He was expected back 2 weeks ago.

Sikh goes to search the archives regarding Lehon. It is a system in the middle of the unknown region, an ocean world dotted with archipelago islands. There is mention of something to do with the Force, but the details are locked away behind Master-level security. Master Sopraa was not aware of the lockdown, and can't get access. Sikh finds out that Master Rand, the grand-master of the order voice-printed the information with a code phrase 850 years ago. The phrase itself is lost in time, and so we can't open those files. We copy the information that is available to us and get ready to depart in the Defender-class Light Corvette that we have been assigned.

We emerge at the coordinates, and there is nothing around -- except field of debris. It's too little to be the pieces of an entire vessel, but we recognise bulkheads of a much larger vessel. The area is visited by a lot of ion trails: there were a lot of ships in this area, which you'd only visit when you'd visit Lehan. We get no further information from a scan, except that we notice that one of the ion trails came specifically from Lehan, the only trail to have a clear direction out of this area.
We follow the trail for about 30 minutes when our sensors pick up the wreck of the Pinnacle, Roku's ship. The engine section has broken off the ship and there's an ion leak there, flooding the interior. It's not enough to interfere with affect machinery and droids, but we can't get a clean scan in -- except that there are some clear power signatures, like droids. We do notice that there's still an atmosphere in both parts of the ship, maintained by the backup power. To get from the front section (when the docking clamp is also located) to the engine section will require a jump with an EVA suit. The front section makes up the cargo hold, the personnel quarters and the bridge.
Sikh uses his Foresee power to predict what is awaiting him aboard the Pinnacle. He sees anger and sadness, despair, desperation and an absence of the force, as well as vague sounds of blaster fire, death and screaming. There's hints of greed and avarice and a willingness to live.
We dock, and enter the connecting corridor. The walls are covered in carbon scores from blaster fire and dried bloodstains, but no bodies. Balar and N0BL3 will make the hop to the engine section to stop the flood of ions, and Chunlade will stay at the connecting corridor to guard their backs and access to the ship. As they go down the corridor towards the back of the ship, they can see that there's been a massacre here, but there are no bodies to be found at all. Then they come to the permeable forcefield that keeps the atmosphere in the ship, with a jump of a couple of 100 yards of space to the engine section. N0BL3 jumps first, Balar second. Balar repairs the ion leak, an notices that the engine itself has been destroyed by a bombardment from another spaceship. But the ion leak itself was caused significantly later, on purpose. They find some spare energy cells lying around too and take 2 cells back with them.

Meanwhile, Sikh is getting impatient. He wants to go to the bridge, but Chunlade wants to stay at her post to guard their retreat, so he walks off alone. He makes his way to the bridge and find the door open. Inside he finds a few bodies slumped in their seats at the stations. Off to the side a pile of bodies, and a droid with a claw is dragging another body onto the pile...
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