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Subject: Byronic Force and Destiny, session 2 rss

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Hein Ragas
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The second session of our Force & Destiny game. The previous session can be found here.

The Twi'lek Jedi Chunlade, who is still on the ship, executes a scan of the derelict cruiser now that the ion leakage from the engine room has dissipated somewhat. She finds some lifesigns somewhere in the personnel quarters, and six low-powered signatures outside of the ship in the debris field. The Togruta Pilot Balar Dash can't tell what they are -- but they are evenly spaced out, which suggests that they are placed by somebody to have good coverage of the whole area. Whatever it is, it's in passive mode.
The Cerean Jedi Sikh Seek L'Est tells us about the scavenger droid dragging bodies on the bridge, and the assassin droid IG-N0BL3 offers to bring a slicer set to interface with it. Balar will slice, and Chunlade will assist. The trio leave one of the salvaged energy cells to keep the airlock locked and secure, making their way to the bridge. IG-N0BL3 stays behind to keep watch on the corridor to the personnel quarters. As the duo arrive on the bridge, they find Sikh reciting Jedi mantras to keep himself together as he waits amongst the carnage on the bridge.

As they enter, the salvage droid stops, turns to regard the newcomers and then resumes its grisly mission. Chunlade slices off a gripper leg of the droid. It flops, regains itself and starts blaring off an alarm. Sikh brings out his lightsaber too. The two of them have quite a bit of trouble with immobilising the droid, but then Balar offhandedly shoots down the droid, also shutting down the alarm. Mumbling something that he is "just here to assist...", he gets out the slicer gear. Chunlade helps him hook it up to the droid.
Balar finds a record of the droid's orders: it is set to scavenging, removing things from this ship and then arranging the bodies in piles. It is part of a set of a dozen identical droids. They all started in the cargo hold a few days ago, and this unit gradually moved towards the bridge. The visual logs contain no evidence of blaster fire or conflict (so it must be set loose after the battle). The things it looted from this ship were brought to the airlock currently occupied by the ship the group came in on.
Everyone on the bridge was killed by blaster fire. Those still on their posts were shot in the back. The Central Computer Core and Turbo Laser control are still operational. The Communications Terminal is also still operational, with a body slumped over it, wearing an officer uniform, with a code cylinder in the chest pocket. The log shows that the last transmission sent was the one received by the Jedi Temple, sent with the authorisation of the captain.
Sikh accesses the Central Computer Core and finds a lot of damaged files. The navigation logs and sensor records are intact. The last sensor log entry is the hyperspace signature of a large ship that drops out of hyperspace, and the briefest record of ship-grade weapons fire. At that time, this ship was traveling at sublight speeds, and the attacking ship comes out of hyperspace right next to it and immediately opened fire -- as if it had been lying in ambush. The vector of the arriving ship doesn't correspond to an ion trail here that was scanned.
Balar finds something odd in the astrogation logs. The return trip from Lehon has been manually altered to co-insect with an ion storm, forcing the ship to go to sublight speeds. The record of who did this is expunged. This seems to indicate that this whole thing is an inside job?
Meanwhile, IG-N0BL3 scans lifeforms into a specific room in the personnel quarters, in the VIP section. The doors are sealed shut and the controls are non-responsive. IG-N0BL3 takes out a welder and gets to work to cut a hole through the door. There have been similar attempts to open this door, with the panel exposed and wires cut etcetera. When he is about a quarter of the way in, there's clanging of metal feet from the barracks, coming closer. A large bulky cargo-lifter droid, not obviously armed, approaches and politely asks to refrain from damaging the ship. As IG-NO0BL3 turns off the wlder, it thanks him and turns around. IG-N0BL3 jumps on top of it and it insists that they refrain from damaging it, but IG-N0BL3 unloads his blaster rifle in a crack between armour plates and it slumps forward and stops.

At that time, the rest joins up with IG-N0BL3, just as they get the door open. As they step in, they are immediately hit with a blaster. Somewhere in the back, someone shouts to get back! IG-N0BL3 turns to Balar, asking him if this is a stun or a termination event, just as he is shot again! At the end of a long corridor, barricaded with everything that could be found, is a lone, scared person. Sikh steps in and Force Influences the person. The man is wearing a Republic uniform, looks like he hasn't slept in weeks, trembling with a blaster pistol in hand. When he gets hit with the Force, he pops his head over the barricade when he realizes they are not there to hurt him. As the offer of food is made, he drops his pistol. Chunlade gets Balar and IG-N0BL3 to stand down, but as the man sees the assassin droid, he screams. "No! Not again!" and goes into panic-mode again. Balar and IG-N0BL3 leave the room to not trigger any more 'episodes' and go to check out the cargo bay.
Sikh tries the Force on the man again, but fails, resisting the lure of the Dark Side. Chunlade tries to charm the guy and promises to look after him. But the Dark Side surges and it's so stressful that the man passes out. Sikh carries the guy back to the ship where Chunlade looks after him. Where he was, at the back of the room, the door there is sealed: seam has been melted shut... by a lightsaber. Tossed away in a corner bits of clothing and armour and... "non-animal" bones.

Balar and IG-N0BL3 go to cargo bay. The hangar bay is still there, one of the walls has been blown out. A damaged manifest terminal hangs at the wall. Balar inspects the manifest and sees a long list of crates with dig equipment, crates with artefacts (along the lines of "pottery shard 1"). There is one crate marked "Casket". The Details have been removed, deliberately expunged, with the last logged access by Master Roku. IG-N0BL3 walks around the hangar for a bit and determines that the blast that damaged the hangar went from the inside out.
Balar and IG-N0BL3 go to the sealed door and break out the welding torch again. Inside they find an unlit room, with a desk covered in durasheet and datapads. They go through the information, it all has to do with the expedition, but they can't understand the academic terms.

Then an alert sounds in the cockpit, with flashing lights on the dashboard: the ship has picked up an outgoing signal. The six signatures around the wreck are beacons of some sort, and they are sending signals. A ship comes out of hyperspace next to us. Smaller ships come out alongside it and go to the Pinnacle...

A session spent mostly finding out what happened on the Pinnacle. The next session promises to give us quite a bit more action!
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