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Subject: [LAWINGM] LMoP Session 6 rss

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Michael Lawing
United States
South Carolina
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Previous Session

Our group took a few weeks off from having a sit down game (my wife in the hospital, another had a kid, etc). We continued with some character development role play chat.

We picked up the session after finding some bodies off the side of the Triboar trail. One PC, the Tiefling, recognized the bodies as the work of Red Wizards of Thay. We talked about restraining all magic until after this was sorted out. We made our way forward to stay clear of the bodies.

Our monk and bard went ahead into town to check out the situation. They spoke with Barthen and got some info on the Redbrands taking over Phandalin. They also saw a wanted poster of the Tiefling in Barthen's Provisions.

They learned of the lack of horses. The bard purchased two rooms in the inn. Everyone around seemed to be very against the gang of bandits.

They came back, filled us in, and we proceeded to unload all the goods at Barthen's, selling some gold goblin teeth and the trinket statue. Barthen didn't take any interest in our weapons, so we sold them at the Lion Coster'a when returning their wares.

We ended the session in a cliffhanger as our group was approached by a group of 6 redbrands. The dwarf barbarian twirled an axe to imply our not backing down. The monk quipped that they hadn't even given us a day in the town before trying to shake us down for our supplies.
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